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    Seeking Flat or Smaller Bell Ride Suggestion, but Not for Jazz

    Not sure if you're in need of more data points, but I have an A Custom 20" Flat Top ride in brilliant finish that weighs in at 2088 g on my kitchen scale. It's a great cymbal.
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    charlie brown christmas.....if only we could have touch like this.....

    Oh, and by the way, if you search for Colin Bailey on this forum, you will find lots of mentions of him, including this thread on his passing : https://www.drumforum.org/threads/colin-bailey.189366/#post-2176179
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    charlie brown christmas.....if only we could have touch like this.....

    I think the answer to that is "its complicated" ! Colin Bailey did play with Vince Guaraldi for some time, but the Discogs entry for the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack album lists him on only one track, Greensleeves, which I don't remember being in the TV show. Jerry Granelli is listed on...
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    Argent drum kit questions

    When I clicked on this thread, I was expecting a question about how to play the intro to "Hold Your Head Up"
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    Interesting view of jazz and black culture

    Perhaps Americans could look to what's happening in the UK jazz scene for a bit of inspiration. I'm in Canada, so only really know about if from what I've read and seen on YouTube, but it seems to be a vibrant, inclusive scene with exciting young players, enthusiastic audiences (who even...
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    Are Jazz Guys feathering...

    There's a demo of this technique here, thanks for reminding me about this:
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    The Yesterdays Papers channel that that comes from consists entirely of videos with that voice reading articles from Melody Maker in the sixties, mostly the "Blind Date" column in which pop stars of the day review new singles without being told who they were by. I assume that the voice is...
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    Bands you thought were USA and were not, AND the other way around...

    I think I've seen most of the big Canadian stars of the 60s/70s referred to as American over the years - Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, The Band (except Levon .. ), Leonard Cohen etc. Didn't seem to happen as much by the time Rush came along.
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    Ed Thigpen Essence of Brushes (full video)

    Thanks for that, am really enjoying it so far. It seems to me that there is much more variance in brush technique between great players than there is with stick technique (though there's lots of different opinions on that too ...). For example, Mr. Thigpen talks about how much of the brush to...
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    Videos of fluid jazz playing

    This might be another good example of Peter Erskine, and has a great camera angle. I remember being blown away by this performance when it came out, can't believe its been six years ! Starts about 45 seconds in. (sorry, embedded video disabled, but it can be watched on Youtube) :
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    Videos of fluid jazz playing

    Have you checked out the live streams from Smalls jazz club in New York ? I think they stream all their performances, using several cameras that seem to change automatically, and a couple of the cameras have great views of the drummer. World class players too. You can find videos with Bill...
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    Nick D'Virgilio breaks down Big Big Train groove

    I've posted a link to the band Big Big Train, with Nick D'Virgilio on drums, performing the song Judas Unrepentant several times because I think it's an incredible piece of music. Nick has posted a breakdown of a drum part from the song as part of his Groovy Thursday series : The live...
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    Radio King Clamshell throw

    Actually, the Fat Cats are $17 USD at DFD, with about the same for shipping, which makes them about $46 Cdn, so that might be the way to go, assuming customs doesn't charge too much
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    Radio King Clamshell throw

    Yeah, I'm in Canada, and haven't found anywhere selling the Fat Cat ones here. The shipping etc. from the US would cost more than the wires, at least on the sites I've checked. I can get the Canapus ones for about $70 cdn, about the same as Puresound