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    Flat Bearing Edges?

    I built myself a little kit a few years ago. I put roundover edges on the 12" and 14" inch toms. I intended to do the same on the 20" bass drum, but I assembled it just because I was impatient to see the whole kit put together - and I really like the sound of it - it is fairly warm, but a good...
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    Drum companies that don't make their own shells

    Even if the hardware manufacture is outsourced, I think it makes a difference if the design is in-house, as opposed to using generic parts that can be ordered from Drum Factory Direct. I think a proprietary hardware design builds a brand, and helps make a real drum company. You can recogonize...
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    Yamaha's New Portable Drum Kit: Stage Custom Hip

    The Canadian chain Long and McQuade is listing them as "Coming soon", at a price of $900 Cdn, or $642 US.
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    Great Peter Erskine playing

    Can anyone tell me what the device is sitting on the practice pad to his left ? He punchs at it a couple of times though out the performance. Is it a midi controller of some sort ? Controlling what ?
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    Great Peter Erskine playing

    Yeah, it's a great view to appreciate the subtleties of his playing - just watching his left foot work, or his left hand sneaking over to the hi hat , or the range of dynamics on the cymbals. It's not that there's barn burning chops on display, just a lot of really tasty playing. Though...
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    Great Peter Erskine playing

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    Van - Friday Five Fer

    For a period of several years, Van was the artist I listened to the most. The string of albums from Astral Weeks up to, say, Wavelength were unmatched by any rock artist, IMHO. Lots of great stuff since then of course, but it seems every one of his more recent albums has at least one song...
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    O.T Amazing and Electrifying live Performances!

    I really like this performance. I've posted it in various places a lot of times, just because I love to share it, so apologies if you've see it before. The song is about an unusual subject for a rock tune - it's the story of a notorious art forger. One of the paintings he copied was a...
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    George H Way Drums

    I think in this case if it was "home grown", it would be made in Canada.
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    left side of Charlie Watts 1969-77....

    Another drummer who does this is the fine player Michael Jerome, who I am most familar with from playing with guitarist Richard Thompson. I think I've seen him with three cymbals on his right, but none on the left, but this clip from a Jools Holland appearence has only two ( and if you give it...
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    Johnny Vicovadic

    He also taught Brian Blade, and I just came across an interview with Brian where he says : I should also refer to my teachers in New Orleans. John Vidacovich was and still is important. Sometimes when I hear him I think, “Oh God, I’ve stolen everything from Johnny V.” But hopefully that’s not...
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    Facebook Live From My Drum Room With Peter Erskine & Adam Nussbaum.

    This is wonderful ! Thanks very much (still listening)
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    REFLEXX Practice Pad

    I thought Money for Nothing was Dire Straits
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    Joe Farnsworth Remembers the Masters Series: Max Roach, King of Drums

    This is fairly long, but well worth the time. Some great examples of Max's playing, and some great demonstrations by Mr. Farnsworth. Wonderful stories as well.
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    Sometimes I Forget: Bill Stewart's Smoothness

    From a Drum magazine interview he did : You’re known for your ability to play matched grip on just about anything. Any advantages? Disadvantages? I started with matched grip and I never really got traditional grip together enough to really play it. So that’s what I can play, and that’s what I...