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    Another fascinating performance by Nate Smith

    Chops not cops
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    Another fascinating performance by Nate Smith

    He showed some great jazz cops in the Dave Holland Quintet too.
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    The Daily Higgins.

    Some good stuff on Higgins' playing here :
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    Is C&C Drum Company Still in Business

    That's great, I hope they sell well. Though, looking at some of the kits showing as in stock at Memphis Drum Shop, they seem to be have been there for a while, years in some cases. I'm judging that on the posting dates of the Youtube videos in the product description. There is a batch of bop...
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    Is C&C Drum Company Still in Business

    A quick look at the Chicago Music Exchange web site seems to show they have no C & C products in stock. From the home page, selecting Drums from the menu, and then "By Brand" and C & C, comes back with nothing. I have been wondering for a while if C & C is no longer the trendy company it was...
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    Flams - how wide ?

    I developed a bad habit with flams in that I tended to always play them as accents - it seems a natural thing to do, and a lot of the time when using them on the kit an accent is what you want. It was only when I revisited Wilcoxon after a few years of not looking at it that I realized I was...
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    Michael Jerome

    I've been a big fan of Thompson's for a lot of years. He's truly a great songwriter and guitarist. It's amazing to me how many non drummers rave over Michael Jerome's drumming, in both online forums and in reviews of shows. Well deserved praise, but it is unusual for a drummer to get that...
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    REMO Snare Head Comparisons Video (Short and Sweet)

    Timpano is a great store, and they've done quite of few of these comparison videos. Another example is this one of various Constantinople ride models : When I was in the store last summer, they had a least one of all the Constantinople models in stock, so you could do the comparison for...
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    How to accurately measure & draw lug holes on a snare shell?

    I got a roll of paper measuring tape I spotted at the hardware store, and used it to measure the actual circumference of the drum. Then I calculated the distance between lugs and marked the locations on the tape. I can reuse the tapes for drums of the same size and number of lugs. I found...
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    Mark Guiliana Space Heroes

    This is pretty great
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    Rhythmically challenged tamborine playing Singers

    Might be worth having a couple of egg shakers with you to offer as an alternative to the tambourine. Much less intrusive even if not in time.
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    My new DW bop kit purchase

    By the way, we call our quintet the "Can't count trio". B) Catchy, huh. Let me guess - there's four of you in the band ? The drums are beauties.
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    The Beatles "Come Together"

    I remember reading years ago that the song was an ode to the simultaneous orgasm. Many, but not all, of the lyrics makes sense to me in that context.
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    What I learned from the Anika Nilles clinic at DCP

    I saw her clinic a couple of weeks ago up here in Newfoundland on the eastern edge of Canada. I thought it was great. She didn't seem to have a specific agenda for the clinic - she played one of her own compositions to start, accompanying a prerecorded track. Then she opened the floor for...
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    PDP Concept Maple Classic BOP kit experience?

    Yeah I went looking for prices on them too after seeing those videos- they sound and look amazing. The last set of videos in that series were from Peter Erskine' s studio, with his big Tama Star set. They also sound great, but I can't help but think that you could probably get 10 PDP bop sets...