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    Buddy Rich drum tech??

    Never was dad a drum tech for Buddy!!! Buddy and Stan were friends and Buddy had great respect for dad and love that he boxed. Dad also was a pall bearer at Buddy’s funeral.
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    Stan Levey Video

    Very nice Mike. Blessings bl
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    top 10 jazz drummers

    Love it!!!
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    Who Are Your Favorite Jazz Drummers?

    My Man!!!
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    Who are your favorite drummers?

    Love it!!! And Pops does too !!!
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    What is the reason you decided to be a drummer?

    Must be Bill?
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    The Definitive List of the 100 Best Drummers of All Time

    Amen! TRUTH!!! It’s absurd. Dad could play circles around these guys.
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    Traditional grip

    So sorry you developed those issues. Dad developed some serious hand problems as he go older. I too have developed trigger finger on my right hand. It’s a crap shoot IMHO
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    What's the Best Album by a Drummer?

    Try “ This Time the Drums on Me” although Stanley the Steamer as I remember might be a complication of TTTDOM and another album, can’t remember.
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    What is the earliest picture of the lefty drummer with lefty setup you know?

    Yes, lefty all the way but back then he turned a righty kit around and made it a left kit. They used the clubs trap setup and lefty kits weren’t an option
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    top tv show themes I’d like to have played on

    I think Shelly was on this one. Mannix was my Pops big one, but he was on a very large amount of the T.V. shows