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    Where can I find drumless tracks of songs for making a drum cover?

    I get all mine from here...
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    Sticks-do you break them?

    Can't remember the last time I broke a stick. Once the tip gets worn, i retire them.
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    OT: Taping Two Boxes Together To Ship?

    I've done it before, worked fine. Like they said, tape well.
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    Ludwig Keystone Kit....Played by Joey Kramer.

    Bill Champlin?
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    Portable Fan Recommendation

    Yes, I use one of these as well. These suckers can move some air! And the bonus is they have a power outlet.
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    PayPal holding funds for 21 days?

    My on hold payment was released yesterday after the buyer got the item. It's still very screwy.
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    PayPal holding funds for 21 days?

    I have shipped the item in question. And just like you said, the 21 days changed to 1 day after the buyer receives the item. It still stinks.
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    PayPal holding funds for 21 days?

    I've had an ebay and paypal account for over 20 years with 100% positive feedback and I just sold something and the PP payment is on hold. I guess PP doesn't release the funds until the buyers receives the item? This is bass ackwards! I don't want to send the item until I know for certain that I...
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    OT: The Best Car Chase In Movie History

    One of my all time favorite car chases... The Rock. Ferrari vs Humvee in San Francisco pre CG.
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    RockNRoller cart for transportation

    Um, let's just say I have more than one of them. I have different kits for different bands and all of them are on R&R carts. I just wheel out the one I need for the gig. And when I arrive to the venue I'm ready for what ever the load in situation is with my R&R cart. Really is an indispensable...
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    Ludwig Classic Maple or DW Performance

    This is correct. Performance series is US made.
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    You're in quarantine with the first famous drummer you saw live - who is it?

    It would be me and Mr. Bun E. Carlos. Sounds like a party!
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    Ludwig Classic Maple or DW Performance

    If you do end up going with the DW perf kit, hit up Eric at Cymbalfusion. He has them in finishes that no one else does.
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    Ludwig Classic Maple or DW Performance

    I do have both, and both sound and look great. It's difficult for me to recommend one over the other. Both are top notch in build quality. The DW is possibly more versatile, I feel it has a bit wider tuning range. I know this really wasn't much help. You really can't go wrong with either.
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    Check this... Carouselambra cover