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    Mia Morris, 17, Is Ushering in a New Era of Stand-Up Drumming

    Good is good. And she is talented. Standing up or sitting down! Dig the sequel to Stacey's Mom, I think Adam Sleschinger would have as well.
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    Ever see a professional band get booed off stage?

    I was there for that show. It was one of my first concerts, I was thinking is this normal? People were throwng anything they could get a hold of onto the stage. I didn't know who Prince was at the time either, but I thought if the Stones have him on their tour, then there must be something to...
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    Drum furniture?

    And use LED bulbs as the don't get nearly as warm as incandescent bulbs.
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    Drum furniture?

    I cut a piece of plexiglas the same diameter of the drum and installed it just like a drum head for the most part. I drilled out the middle for the light fixture. Works like a champ. Very sturdy.
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    Drum furniture?

    These are a couple lights in my studio. A pendant light that I made out of a very cheap unbranded 14" cymbal. And a snare drum light made out of an acrylic Battlefield snare drum.
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    Modern Drummer - Steve Jordan issue

    I haven't received my copy yet either.
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    OT- Is your Christmas tree still up?

    Took everything down on the 27th.
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    What Would You Have Missed Out On If You Never Took Up The Drums?

    Well, I would have missed out on carpal tunel surgery, schlepping drums up and down stairs, through mud and through snow, promoters stealing money, engineers cutting a hole in my reso head without asking, vomiting in a bucket in between songs... but I wouldn't change any of it. Once you're on...
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    Purple Pork pie throne

    There is this option... I've never tried one, but maybe it's comfy?
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    My new Ludwig Hammered Bronze Phonic 8x14

    Ooooh, that's nice.
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    Merry Christmas to my Forum friends

    Merry Christmas!
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    SOLD! Barefoot Kick buddy

    Yeah, kind of.
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    SOLD! Barefoot Kick buddy

    Well, yes... yes it is.
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    SOLD! Barefoot Kick buddy

    Alright, here's something you don't see every day. I received these as a gift because I play barefoot 99% of the time. But I like to feel the pedals under my feet and I have callouses built up from playing like this for decades. Anyway, these are definitely an interesting item. You strap them to...
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    **SOLD**Yamaha EAD10

    Great price.