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    10 Celebs who are drummers

    Mickey Jones from Home Improvement.
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    Let's show our Regal Tip stash

    I have about 2 3/4 cases of 5B wood tips with my signature logo on them. I should be good for the rest of my life, if not longer.
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    Friday Five Fer - INXS

    Great band.
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    Over Heads

    I often will use kick, snare and one or two overheads live if I have to mic my own kit.
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    Rikki Rockets new drums

    I was chatting with him at a NAMM show once many years ago, he genuinely seemed interested and chatted with me for a while. I've seen his Youtube channel, pretty good info.
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    Ludwig artwork

    Kind of an interesting story, I went to go pick up some speakers locally that I purchased off of craigslist, and it turns out that the seller and I had a few mutual friends. So we were talking about some of our gear and gigs that we've played. And somehow he brought up a buddy who worked at the...
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    Ludwig Turquoise Sparkle kit

    Wowzers, that's a pretty kit! And a killer deal. That kick drum depth though, kills it for me. Although for that price I could afford to get it cut down. Hmmmm.... Thanks for the heads up!
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    For those that gig small bass drums (14"-16" dia.), do you bring a drum rug?

    Yup, always. Kick drums large or small will always have a tendency to scoot.
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    Ludwig Turquoise Sparkle kit

    I'm one of those fans. :)
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    Ludwig Turquoise Sparkle kit

    I haven't. But thanks for the option.
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    Ludwig Turquoise Sparkle kit

    I have done that in the past, it is an option, but obviously adds to the cost. I'd prefer finding a lovingly used one. Thanks for the reply!
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    Ludwig Turquoise Sparkle kit

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    Our first Bob Seger tribute gig is tonight!

    Gotcha. Been there. Sounds like a fun band!
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    Our first Bob Seger tribute gig is tonight!

    Nice set list, but I didn't see Katmandu??
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    what size bass drum do you like?

    Nothing deeper than 14" for me. I've got 20, 22, 24, 26. Once in a while I'll play my Yamaha Hip Gig which is 16 diameter x 20 depth bass drum. Sounds pretty killer.