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    Eames Owners!!! Show Yer Stuff!

    Sorry I'm late to the Eames party. My Eames.
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    Chromecast Products...

    I picked up a 3 pack of wood tip 5A's. They aren't Vic Firth quality, but for $15.95 shipped, they make a good practice stick. The balance and feel are pretty good.
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    How to make a 7/8" downtube work in a 1" mount

    I took and old snare drum stand base. The tube is 1" which accepts a 7/8" tube. Cut it down to around 2" Works perfect.
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    Buddy Sits In On Shaughnessy's Big 'Ol Tonight Show Kit...

    Damn. Moe Howard had some serious chops. :)
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    Jeff Porcaro Giving A Lecture/Clinic 1988

    "I'm not a shuffle drummer" Wow. No, he was THE shuffle drummer.
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    Milestone/Tempus drums update

    Damn, guess I'll never find an 18 BD for my kit now :(
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    Gretsch Catalina Club Lug Issues

    Thanks again Doug. I have an email into Gretsch.
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    Gretsch Catalina Club Lug Issues

    Thanks Doug. So when you say "wrong insert, are you referring to the swivet nut or the plastic insert that slides into the groove in the lug casing. I spoke to the retailer who was trying to be helpful, but I dont think he was a drummer. He clearly didn't understand the issue. He did offer to...
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    Gretsch Catalina Club Lug Issues

    That was my exact thought. I have an email into the retailer. Thanks.
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    Gretsch Catalina Club Lug Issues

    Yes, I just purchased the kit in July. It's a double lug design. Lugs are fairly small. About an inch long and have thick black spacers raising the lug off the shell.
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    Gretsch Catalina Club Lug Issues

    I did a search on this topic and it seems I'm the not the only one who has had issues with CC lug issues. What I couldn't find is the specific issues or more importantly, solutions. Here is the issue: When tensioning the bass drum, I had noticed the rod wasn't tightening. My first thought was...
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    4pc kit with 10" and 16" toms

    I believe that's Zoro's tom set up. 8x10 14x16
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    Lets talk 15" Floor Toms

    When I was putting together a Rogers player kit, I bought a 12x15 Fullerton tom. As you can imagine a player 14x14 carried a hefty price tag. I have ABed my 14x14 to this 12x15. They can tune up almost identical. I'm a big fan of the 15 floor tom (poor man's 14)
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    Fans (to keep cool) - what do you use?

    Any fan as long as its made by Vornado.
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    Classic Rock songs not in 4/4

    Manic Depression - JHE