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    What pedal are you using?

    Looks like new!!
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    What pedal are you using?

    Mapex Falcon single. I finally have it dialed in so that it’s pretty responsive. I still have a DW5000 single chain (“nothin’ fancy, thanks, and proud of it.”) Loved the simplicity of that pedal - spring tension and beater height the only adjustments. Amazing pedal, used for 20+ years, could do...
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    Ordering lead times for new drums

    I ordered a new Tama Starclassic W/B on Easter wknd this year. Added an extra rack tom and a matching snare. (I like big kits, so what?) Everything except the extra tom should be here in the next few weeks, the tom they said not until November. The supply chain issues are real with supplies...
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    Drummer Jokes Got It Wrong - Why drummers are smarter, healthier, and live longer lives

    I used to have a sheet of non drummer musician jokes that were hilarious. I can only remember these two. Q: Why do bagpipers walk around when they play? A: To get away from the noise. At a music convention there was a rumor that a certain violinist could play 32nd notes. Several other...
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    When You Brought Your First Drum Kit Home, What Was the First Record (song) You Played Along To?

    Before I got my first kit I was playing along to The Grand Illusion album on the couch with a pair of mismatched dowels whenever my parents weren’t home. Probably 8th grade (78-79). Then convinced my parents I was serious so the summer before 9th grade they bought me an old Sonor bd and rack...
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    La Villa Strangiato

    The first time I saw them was the Signals tour, with Rory Gallagher opening. Seeing Neil do those flawless stick tosses 30 feet in the air without missing a beat was impressive.
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    My band is doing a Styx tribute, and I get to play one of Todd’s kits??!!

    What a fantastic opportunity!! I’m so jealous!! I was into Styx way back in 9th grade and loved everything up through Pieces of Eight, even loved most of the Wooden Nickel stuff. Then, unfortunately, in the wake of Cornerstone and Mr. Roboto, like a bad boyfriend, I kind of dumped them for Rush...
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    La Villa Strangiato

    Hemispheres was the first Rush album I ever bought. (A friend introduced me to 2112 a few days earlier. I was blown away.) The playing, the musicianship, the fact that that much sound was being made by only 3 guys! I’ve only seen them 5 times, but I am a fan for life. I remember reading the MD...
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    OT What series to watch ???

    Moone Boy, I think on Hulu
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    OT What series to watch ???

    The IT Crowd Queen’s Gambit
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    *MODS* DFO member DM spam

    I got it, too. But d know how to report it.
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    Drummers that you like but don't get enough credit ?

    Jerry Mercer - April Wine
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    Drummers that you like but don't get enough credit ?

    Sorry, wrong thread
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    Drummers that you like but don't get enough credit ?

    In no particular ranking, just chronological and remembering what I thought after each album or concert: John Panozzo - Grand Illusion Neil Peart - 2112 Mike Portnoy - Images and Words Gavin Harrison - In Absentia Todd Sucherman - the first time I saw Styx in concert 2001ish.
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    If You Could Play Drums for One Night with One Group, Who Would It Be?

    Too many for only one. In no particular order: Rush (up to probably ASOH) Kansas Styx Genesis (through Duke) Spock’s Beard and anything else Neal Morse is doing Deep Purple Jethro Tull Sweet Heart Journey The list goes on. and Barbara Eden all day long!