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    The Least favourite snare you currently own

    Hmmm. Size/finish? Interested in a Supralite?
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    The Least favourite snare you currently own

    I almost bought one of those in 14x8. Any other gripes aside from the hoop?
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    The Least favourite snare you currently own

    My least favourite is my 14x8 Steel Supralite. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it’s voice doesn't move me. I am funny like that, I reckon.
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    Paiste Dimensions Reflector Crashes

    I recently adopted one of these in 17” and it’s got seriously gorgeous tone. Wish I had the scratch for the 18. GLWS!
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    Snares with hard to turn tension rods

    Keep in mind that rods that spin quite freely tend to not stay in tune.
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    LP Banda Snare?

    I recently adopted one of these in brass. It is a hoss! There has been a healthy learning / listening curve as I'm dialing her in. I've always preferred more shell, less wire from a snare & this drum's wires are easily excited regardless of tuning. Thus I've swapped the 42s for a modified...
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    Sonor Phonic vs. Champion

    Yes! Keep her, too!
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    How About S-Hoops?

    I made my own mic-clip solution..
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    What stick do you wish they would make ?

    A Pro-Mark 5AL Hickory (Ringo's sig stick) with a round nylon tip (ala 707). Pretty please?
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    Advice on Drum Tuning

    The Drum Tuning Bible is a superb resource.
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    Wanted - unloved, orphaned or lightly abused Paiste cymbals

    I’m specifically looking for 15” hats (top or bottom) but will consider other sizes, rides, or crashes. Alpha or higher series preferred and moderate damage is okay. Honesty appreciated. PM, please. Thanks! Bo
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    Preferred hardware for mounting a ride on the bass drum

    I regularly fly a 22" ride from a section of boom stand dropped into the BD tom mount hole.