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    The orphanage - drums to complete your set

    Thanks, but I picked up 12x12 & 13x13, wait for it, Slingerlands! I would like a 10x10 if anyone ‘s got one.
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    bass wood drums

    I'll take my 3003s to my grave. Nothing but compliments!
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    OT - El Camino on Netflix

    I was excited but found it a real let-down...
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    Hello... and one question...

    Go to Harbor Freight & grab a cheap 1/4" drive socket set. Done. ...& welcome back!
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    Bent/Warped Cymbal repair: Anyone tried this???

    Interesting.. I've inverted & returned to shape quite a few cymbals (including rides) and personally have never experienced a change in pitch. I have found some to sound more "open" afterward. Best of luck & please be careful!
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    Bent/Warped Cymbal repair: Anyone tried this???

    I’ve had good luck fixing crash edge bends using a wooden headed hammer with a ride cymbal as an anvil. Invert the ride & place it on a mattress or other soft surface. Put a towel on it & then the crash. Hammer out as much as you can of the bend, then pop the bent cymbal inside out & do it...
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    Dr. Gangrene's Horror Hootenanny #16 - 10/12/19 -30 Oldham St Nashville, Tennessee

    Thanks! Check out Tom Bagley’s art on Insty & elsewhere. He’s great!
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    Dr. Gangrene's Horror Hootenanny #16 - 10/12/19 -30 Oldham St Nashville, Tennessee

    Hey Nashville! Come on out to Little Harpeth Brewing in costume & win prizes! I'll be on with both the Cruds & Sithfits & would love to meet up with ya.. Bo
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    I made my own Superkick Heads!!

    I turned a pair of G2s into EMAD 2s with an Olfa knife, double-stick tape & a donor pair of worn out EMADS.
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    Friday the 13th - the Pond in Franklin, TN

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    Random musings - Popularity of the 22 ?

    I've yet to meet the 20" ride that speaks to me, but have 3 22s that do. Go figga...
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    Paiste pre-serial Formula 602 15" top- SOLD

    Mind putting SOLD in the title so it''l move to the SOLD section? Thanks!
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    wanted - unused Remo Smooth White CS dot heads - 10, 12, 13, 16"

    Please reply here and send PM. Thanks! Bo
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    OT: Favorite hot sauces?

    I too like heat but it should have body & flavour. Tabasco Green is my go-to but there are so many good ones out there! I really like spicy ketchups, too. Heinz Jalapeño is great (if you can find it) & Sir Kensington’s Spicy is darn good.
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    Paiste 15" Hi Hats (Signature/Big Beat) SOLD

    Mind putting "SOLD" in the title? The script they run every so often that will move this to the sold section if it's in the title. Thanks!