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    Paiste Dimensions 15” Thin/Heavy

    Beautiful hats there. GLWS!
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    Your fate is in Craigslist’s hands.

    Nice little Yammies for me..
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    What's Your Chosen Ride For Rock?

    22" Paiste 3000 Ride is my favorite for everything. I also love my 22" 2002 Ride & 22" 2000 Reflector Ride, but the 3000 is magic.
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    The Dirt on Netflix

    Love the first two records. The movie? Meh...
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    What are these brown dots on my cymbals?

    I ordered my LG from Amazon. I used to use Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax but find the LG to fight tarnish quite a bit longer.
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    What are these brown dots on my cymbals?

    Wright's Copper Cleaner will take the brown off & Liquid Glass car polish will prevent it recurring.
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    What to do about a bent cymbal?

    I've had good luck fixing bent crashes using a wooden-headed hammer & a ride. I lay the ride upside down on a soft surface & hammer the crash against it. Once progress slows, I'll pop the crash inside out & go again. A few times through the cycle usually gets it pretty close. Luck!
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    Anyone have a bass drum head made with your band logo on it?

    I just put this kit together. Vinyl Flag made the decals for $30 (if I recall) & I installed 'em myself.
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    Moon Gell Substitutes

    This is about 8 bucks a roll, can be re-used & repositioned & unlike moongel, can be used around the perimeter of your bass reso with amazing results. You’re welcome.
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    Do you cover your drums?

    Have you seen Polythene Pam?
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    Sabian 15" HHX studio crash as HH top?

    My 15” HHXPlosion is too mushy as a top. Interesting, but not workable, at least for me.
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    Help with holes in a crash

    I've done this multiple times. My 2 cents - You can lay a drum hoop atop the cymbal & use the lug holes to mark out a pattern. You can use a hole-saw in a cordless drill & that works fine but you'll be stuck with holes the size of whatever saw you used. I like use a step bit. With this, you...
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    Nice-listers: What kind of drum toys did you get?

    I got a big pile of heads & some nifty Tama push-button wingnut replacements from Santa, & sneaked & bought myself another busted Paiste (18" Heavy Crash). A little Dremel time & she's good to go! I also got a bit o' cash, promptly converted to a 22" Sonor Force 2000 bass drum (which of course...