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    Double hi-hat setup

    This thread inspired me to put up a set of hats to the right just over the floor tom (on an old hi-hat stand). Fun! Will post pics when I get home. Of course the 'extra' hats are now for sale, but if they don't sell they are going back on the kit. Now that my blues gig is 'on hiatus' I am...
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    Sabian 14" AAX Stage hats $140 shipped

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    Sabian 14" AAX Stage hats $140 shipped

    As the title says: Sabian 14" AAX Stage hats $140 shipped to the Continental US. Paypal preferred. As seen in pics--the top hat has what looks like paint striping or something--it's only cosmetic and doesn't seem to be an actual scratch or anything. I don't know if it would come off with the...
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    High-end Kits <-> No BD-mount Tom Holders

    My kick is a sort of 'born again' virgin. I took off the mounting hardware at some point (and eventually lost it). I like the versatility and look of a tom on a snare stand, but I wish I could mount my ride-cymbal stand on the kick as way to reduce my stage footprint. Note: after the last...
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    Lost Neil two years ago today.

    That was a rough start to a rough year.
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    Best Sabian ride

    I realize it's a vague question--I was just inspired by the other thread regarding 'best K zildjian ride'. I should have called the thread, 'Let's talk about Sabian rides we like'.
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    Best Sabian ride

    Among the Sabian rides I've had that I miss the most: Memphis Ride (stupidly moved on; these things happen) Crossover Ride (great tone but too quiet; I lean toward somewhat louder music) 2nd-gen HH medium ride 20" (sold to someone here--I now have a 'same make and model' in the medium-heavy...
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    Best Sabian ride

    Forgot to mention in the OP: I have always wanted a 22" HHX Legacy heavy ride but never played one. They seem pretty awesome.
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    Best Sabian ride

    I was in the exact same situation--I had both, and really wanted to like the Groove Ride more, but in 'head-to-head' comparisons the Memphis ride won out.
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    Best K Zildjian Ride?

    I used to use a 90s K Heavy ride. I liked it a lot, but it lost a shoot-out (in my ears) to a heavy-ish HH Sabian.
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    Best Sabian ride

    This was inspired by the recent thread about K Zildjian rides. I wonder what everyone thinks about the best Sabian ride. From my experience, some of the following are candidates: 21" AAX Memphis Ride (a former favorite of mine) 20-22" older HH medium/medium-heavy rides (I've had a few with...
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    NDD: Big honkin' DDrums!

    My first kit was a Remo Quadura with the fiberglass-based 'Acousticon' shells . They had shallower depth, but the low-end from the kick is something I haven't heard since.
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    OT: Anyone See the new Mandalorian Spin-off, Book of Boba Fett?

    I'm kind of in the same boat on this one--I was excited for it, but it didn't really do it for me. I thought the CGI was a little cheap-looking at times, and the fight choreography was a bit stale. I'll still watch it, but honestly I'm looking for some connections to other movies/shows more...
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    cymbal lines

    Check out if you haven't already. They have video samples of a lot of different makes and models.
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    Bands with more than one name

    Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship? IDK if that one even counts.