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    FS: 20.5 1810 gram Collingwood thin dark dry ride

    Sounds like a very cool cymbal - jazzy and bluesy.
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    Amazon deals thread

    I didn’t see this one. I would have grabbed it too!
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    Fun project - cheap Pearl Charlie Watts tribute

    The finish looks very nice!
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Love this setup! What size floor tom is that?
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    Bosphorus factory tour

    A bit older, but just stumbled upon this one. I’m loving my 19” Turk flat ride. Looks like the Turk and NO may share the same profile.
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    Dixon Little Roomer Straight Cymbal Stand

    I don't have any experience with this one, but looks like a decent little stand. The Tama Classic flat base cymbal stand is compact as well, if you don't mind the flat base.
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    Proper way to play bass

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    Thin felts for vintage cymbal stands - Solution

    These look like the felts that Tama is using on their Classic cymbal stands.
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    Vintage flat base cymbal stands, Ludwig and Slingerland

    Ah yes, I see now - I was mistaken.
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    Saluda Cymbals....???

    Paiste Alpha flat?.... calling forum member Elvis....
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    Vintage flat base cymbal stands, Ludwig and Slingerland

    I can see where Tama got their inspiration from for their Classic cymbal stand (one with the black felts) other than theirs being a three tier and not two.
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    Bosphorus Proto or Discontinued Crash?

    Definitely an Argentum (added silver). Prototype possible - normally the Argentum is printed under the Bosphorus logo.
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    "Do You Feel Like We Do?" Peter Frampton

    Love Frampton! I always wondered if that Les Paul was ever going to pull him over one of them days - he’s not a big dude and Les Pauls are not a light guitar, lol. He was my inspiration of the talk box back in my guitar days. I remember going through several of them (blowing the internal...
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    David Gilmour - drums

    I never seen Gilmour play drums before. Reminds me much of Nick Mason (not surprised). He looks very comfortable.
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    Bosphorus factory tour

    I’m sure this has likely been posted here before seeing the date of the video - but for those that haven’t seen it yet... A true handmade cymbal.