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    Mix and Match Hats

    How big is the bell on the cut down 18? I've trimmed some cracked crashes down to 12" hats, and the bell on the 18 looks crazy big.
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    Sweetwater Cymbal Damage, You Too?

    Did you get candy?
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    WTB: Pete Engelhart Percussion

    Never thought to check for pitch.
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    WTB: Pete Engelhart Percussion

    not sure the value but you might be able to talk me out of this.
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    Anyone have a bass drum head made with your band logo on it?

    I know a guy who knows a guy who I have paint a couple heads.
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    Crashes; odd or even, or both?

    Last time I went with two crashes, they were both 19".
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    Questions about Chicago Drum Show

    I've seem plenty of kits with sold signs sitting in booths. I'm guessing it depends on the seller. I found this on the show's website: Shipping to and from the show For details on shipping from or to the show, see the Odeum Expo Center Exhibitors Service Manual. If you need to ship via UPS...
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    My left side solution

    Soundfile? How many grams?
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    Goldilocks Cymbal - What fits the bill?

    Check out HHX Evolution. I know you said no splash, but check out the 12 anyway. That or the 16.
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    Decals/Bar codes on cymbals

    Yeah I've done that. If it's a new cymbal I'll wait 2 years, you know, until the warranty runs out.
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    Weird Al gives shoutout to Bermuda at Grammies

    Al’s probably in trouble for not mentioning his wife first.
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    Chicago Drum Show

    Price went up $5, now $20. Consignment is back. Yeah I just found out about a gig Saturday night, so maybe Sunday.
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    Trick single kick pedal

    Save the $ and go Dominator. I have both & always recommend the less expensive one. I never use the extra features on the ProV1. Plus the Dom beater worked great on mesh heads.
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    Who has the best logo?