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    Dawn soak question

    Is Dawn really better than other soap?
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    Revisiting an old thread...

    What happens when you hit the “jump to new” button?
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    Painted Inlay?

    Has anyone painted the inlay on a bass drum hoop? I have an old marching BD I'm thinking about removing the wrap. My neighbor is getting ready to paint (another) car so maybe he could do the drum at the same time. The drum has black hoops with inlays. I originally thought about painting them...
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    Ideas to stabilize my hihat stand???

    Velcro is cheap and easy- a good place to start.
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    Sir Paul McCartney Weighs In On Best Rock Drummer Debate

    No Bernard Perdie?
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    Advice needed Re-ring repair Slingerland
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    eBay/Craigslist cymbal alerts - the official thread

    A couple new cheap A's:
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    20" Zildjian K Custom Dry IAK

    Price drop $199 shipped. I would say the older customer dry cymbals are darker and less trashy than the new ones.
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    Non-Spiral Snare Wires

    I think these lasted one gig on my snare. I should put them up in the marketplace.
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    Who is still using Bosphorus on your Jazz gigs...even though you can afford anything?

    Here’s one, way to the right, with some trans stamps, February big band.
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    Riveting my K Custom Organic Ride

    Dude, there’s something wrong with your camera. Your kit looks like your kit is set up backwards. ;)
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    What's the best way to remove paint from an old snare drum

    The Walmart law is based on population. There is a minimum requirement. Seems like around here if you don't meet the minimum requirement, you get stuck with a Dollar General.
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    18" Saluda Blood Splattered Prototype Crash

    Price is right to take a chance. The Pics are all from the top. Is there blood on the bottom too? Human blood or animal? You can get DNA from blood, right? Doesn't Ebay have rules against that? Who's got $50?
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    Riveting my K Custom Organic Ride

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    Riveting my K Custom Organic Ride

    Hey Joe, do you even need holes for those? Could you just clip them to the edge? I imagine they'd fly off after a good crash or two, but it just might be enough for someone on the fence about rivets to get an idea how it'd sound.