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    The 10 Biggest Jerk Drummers of All Time!

    1 - Ginger Baker 2 - Ginger Baker 3 - Ginger Baker 4 - Ginger Baker 5 - Ginger Baker 6 - Ginger Baker 7 - Ginger Baker 8 - Ginger Baker 9 - Ginger Baker 10 - Ginger Baker Honorable mention - Ginger Baker
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    RIP Leon Redbone
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    What's Your Chosen Ride For Rock?

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    SOLD W 6500 flush hi hat for Yamaha crosstown hi hat

    Would you consider any other trades for the DW hi hat?
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    Ludwig Black Galaxy (Blackrolite) ***SOLD***

    Entertaining trades?
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    CL: But Wait!!! There's More!!
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    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Thoughts and prayers are with you Chris!
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    [Sold]Tama Speed Cobra 910 Double Pedal for Snare

    What kind of snare are you looking for?
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    My fave!!
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    Neil Peart Drum Clinic 1992

    From a Rush fan site: As a world-renowned drummer, Neil Peart has seemingly 'done it all'. Outside of his drumming and lyrical duties with Rush, Peart has also authored numerous books, produced several drumming-instructional videos, traveled the world by bicycle and motorcycle. He's even been...