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    Sabians, Zildjians

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    OT: Which Is Your Favorite Led Zeppelin Album?

    Physical Graffiti for me also. Cant go wrong with The Wanton Song!!!!
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    13" Zildjian K/Z Hats for Zildjian Crash

    I have a 60's era Zildjian A 16 Medium Thin with 4 factory installed rivets.
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    I think I just wet myself.................. Yep, I did.
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    SOLD!!! DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal

    Would you consider trades?
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    UFIP Bravo cymbals....anyone have any info???

    I had a UFIP Bravo 22" Heavy Ride a few years back that I really wished I kept. Nice definition and amazing wash when you laid into it.
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    SOLD Set of 10 Slingerland T rod and claw sets

    Are all the "T" heads solid? Meaning, are any of them loose? I have a few on my Slingy bass drum that are loose and rattle a bit or actually fall off.
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    John Henry Bonham Died on this Day

    Last few posts are pretty tasteless
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    Terri Lynne Carrington - Chameleon

    Wow..........just WOW!!!
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    What kind of rides are you looking for?
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    SOLD - 1985 Paiste 2002 Heavy Ride 22” NEW OFFER INCLUDED

    Smoking deal here folks. I have one of these rides and it does not disappoint. Description above is spot on!!
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    Helping our base players sound