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    I hear Floyd is coming out with a new album called “Bright Side of the Moon.” Track listing: Talk to Me/Inhale Still Running Time Part 2 The Great Gig Under the Sea Crypto We and They All the Nostalgia You Like Mind Control Eclipsed
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    I'm one of those guys who likes to see something new rather than a re-tread of something that's already been done so many times. It's like if bands just kept putting out new versions of their older hits and called it a new album.
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    The Beatles Created 185 Original Songs. How Many Are Good?

    I've always been perplexed by The Beatles. I consider them to be extremely talented musicians and brilliant songwriters, and I like their music when I hear it but.....it's never resonated with me enough to seek it out, or buy any albums. I don't know why.
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    Does anyone else NOT like 16" floor toms?

    Don't have one, but I like them. 15 hits the sweet spot for me.
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    Billy Cobham

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    Simon Phillips teaches Space Boogie groove

    I was never a big kit drummer, and really not into prog music, so Simon was off my radar most of the time. Then I converted to open-handed drumming, and suddenly I started paying attention! I really dig this video where's he's playing mostly snares. So cool. He also gets such great sound out...
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    Drummers that are NOT gear-centric?

    Yeah, I take care of my gear because I like to, but also because I don't want any equipment failures in the middle of a gig. There's not caring about sound, and there's not caring about finishing the gig, and that's another thing entirely.
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    Drummers that are NOT gear-centric?

    I recall some forum post that summed this up well. Something like "to most of the audience, the bass drum goes BOOM, the snare goes CRACK, and the cymbal goes PSSSHT, and that's all they hear." I think that's pretty accurate.
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    8 Bands Who Were Considered to be the Next Beatles, But Could Never Fill Their Shoes

    Let me clarify that I don't consider "boy band" to be an insult at all. So producers held auditions and wrote the songs. Ok, but not just anyone can get up there and perform them in boy band fashion. Actually, I would say very few people can pull that off. I know I couldn't. People may disagree...
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    The first kit I ever bought (after I graduated from my CB700s) was a Tama. I sold it long ago, but I've been using their hardware ever since. I really like the Roadpro line, and I got a Dyna-Sync pedal around a year ago which is also great. The only Tama drum I have now is a Simon Phillips...
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    Small Kit Drummers in Classic Rock

    Max Weinberg with E St Band.
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    8 Bands Who Were Considered to be the Next Beatles, But Could Never Fill Their Shoes

    The product is the the Beatles albums which the record company recorded, made and sold on the market, not to mention the promotional merchandise, the licensing deals, the Beatles brand, etc. Haven't you ever heard the saying, "the emphasis is on the second word in 'show business?'"
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    8 Bands Who Were Considered to be the Next Beatles, But Could Never Fill Their Shoes

    When a label signs a band, pays for recording sessions, releases them for sale under their brand on the open market, and produces a worldwide promotional tour. I call that manufacturing a product. What would you call it?