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    Drum Clinic Etiquette

    I had a quick question about etiquette at a drum clinic since I have never been to one before. Do people bring sticks/pads and other things, or just come to listen? Matt Halpern, along with a few other drummers are going to be at Explorer's in KC in a few weeks, and I was planning on...
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    12x20 bass drum

    I have a 16x20 Ludwig Classic Maple. It has a great thump. I don't know how much power and tone you could get out of a bass drum that shallow and small though.
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    Good Crash/Ride

    I have a couple cymbals that work well as crash/rides. I have a 18" Paiste Sig Fast Crash that is great as a really washy/silvery crash ride. I have a 19" Dream Bliss Cymbal that is a great woody/washy/trashy jazz crash ride. And then I have a 19" Zildjian K Dark Med Thin Crash that works...
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    How Bad Was Your First Drum Set??

    12, 13, 16, 24 Slingerland Kit in Black Lacquer finish that is older than I am. With a Ludwig Supra Snare. Kevin O'Connor treated me right.
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    Sabian recommendations, anyone?

    I have started to convert my entire selection to Sabian. I still have a few Zildjians, a random Paiste, and a random Dream Bliss, but I like my Sabians the best. I'm a fan of the HHX line. I have HHX Evolution hihats that are the best hats I've ever heard. I also have a great HHX Groove...
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    The Demise of the Ride Cymbal in Pop & Rock

    If you see a lot of the pop artists perform live, they do have a band drummer. So for live concerts there is definitely more ride. But with drum machines and produced tracking there sound often calls for more of a click track type sound from a hihat. Also the disco beat has made a huge...
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    At home, I play barefoot or in socks. At most gigs I'll play with Chuck's or Jack Purcell's (which are more comfortable than Chuck's), and if I'm feeling unfettered I'll just take my shoes off.
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    Sabian AA Rock

    I had one for several years. I initially got it because it was the ride that Chad Smith uses and I really liked his sound. However, what I got didn't compare to what is heard on the RHCP albums. It was actually TOO washy, with almost no stick definition which was confusing to me for a heavy...
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    The demise of the 13, 15 and 18 toms

    My main kit is 16x20, 8x12, 14x15. I love my 15" floor tom, it fits into a very interesting place. Deep sound, without being too rumbly and not sounding dinky like some 14s. I was thinking of adding an 18 just to have another voice.
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    Lefty Drummers?

    I'm a lefty but I play righty. I also shoot right handed/right eyed, play all sports except baseball righty, and I operate right handed in the OR. Using my right hand just feels more natural to lead on the drums. I actually started learning lefty at first, but once I became better I...
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    the new generation

    I think the advent of the internet and more specifically YouTube has done wonders for the music community. I took marching drum lessons in high school and had a small foundation for the basics of rhythm and rudiments, but I didn't start playing set until about 5 years ago. I learned a ton, and...
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    How much wash does a Sweet Ride have?

    They are extremely variable. Zildjian's cymbals are not all that consistent, so make sure you listen before you buy. If you are willing to try a Sabian cymbal, check out the HHX Groove Ride. Must more consistent and just as crashable with a good dark wash.
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    Rides as crashes?

    A lot of rides are too heavy to do this and generate good sound, but if you have a washier and thinner ride it can be a good way to add one more dynamic level to you playing. I have an HHX Groove Ride that is great at low dynamics, but when you want to open it up it has a great dark crash that...
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    Pics of your Luddies!

    I think they are keystone brackets. The Elite brackets wouldn't fit on my FT if I remember correctly.
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    Pics of your Luddies!

    Ludwig Classic Maple in Indigo Sparkle. 8x12, 14x15, 16x20; with a Ludwig Black Magic Snare 5x14. I had it made last year.