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    The Star Bubinga has arrived!

    Added to my watchlist!
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    Drum Thrones - Gibraltar or Roc N Soc

    I currently own the Roc N Soc Nitro with backrest. I'm just coming off a stint playing a high school musical, and I've played in their pit for many years. The school has a non nitro Gibraltar thrown. My experience with it is I will never buy a Gibraltar throne. It's rickety. It wobbles. The back...
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    George Way Elkhart Copper snare 6.5x14

    So nice. Nicely priced too.
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    SOLD '70s Slingerland 22, 13, 16 mahogany lacquer

    I had those on my Reverb watch list, and see you got an offer!
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    Ludwig Carpathian Elm Snare

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    Ludwig Carpathian Elm Snare

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    Ludwig Carpathian Elm Snare

    Carter McLean played his on the 'gram, and it was an amazing sounding and looking piece. And of course Carter was playing it...
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    Copper Snare - Limited Projection on Stage

    I had a Tama G series copper, cast hoops, 42 strand wires. It was like the Marshall amp of snares; it just didn't sound good until you played it LOUD. It's like it was the opposite of what you're describing. When I played the kit in a steel drum band, it was my go to snare for them to hear. Life...
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    Three up one down

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    Three up one down

    I had one of those in chrome finish. It weighed 238 lbs.* *Not really, but dang it was heavy!
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    Barton drum co drum bags!

    I'm late to this thread. I've made four or five purchases of Barton bags. I've been getting the old versions on close out. GREAT bags! Only my 8" tom is without a Barton. The rest of my #goldsparkleludwigs (two racks, two floors, and three different kicks) all ride in tan/pink style! And I have...
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    Sakae flat base cymbal stands

    I too bought one from DCP. I think I paid $45, and now I think they're $79. I'm waiting to see on Black Friday if they go on sale. If so I plan to snag a couple more.
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    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    I'm just getting here, and haven't read the whole thread, but... I do not care for white marine pearl and I don't like oyster black pearl. (And, I own a kit of each!)
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    Lets see your antique drums!

    Hmmm... Works for me. I've attached; perhaps that will work better?