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    Lee Kerslake

    Lee's drumming on the first two Ozzy albums was great and perfect for those records. It really allowed the spotlight to shine on Randy Rhoads. The double bass guys start to sound the same.
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    Why are these so expensive?

    Back in the 80s I was between a Tama Superstar, Yamaha RC and Tour series kit. Of the three kits, the Superstar was the least expensive. It was priced lower than the Tour series with a wrap finish. I ended up going with the Tamas. If we had access into Yamaha's books, we'd probably be...
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    Let's discuss Bill Ward

    When influences come up, I don't mention Bill Ward nearly enough.
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    Style of drumming you listen to vs how you play.

    I listen to Bonzo, Tommy Aldridge and Stewart Copeland, but I play more like Simon Kirke or Phil Rudd.
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    Style of drumming you listen to vs how you play.

    That's why you're playing paying gigs in bands. The women on the dance floor appreciate it as well.
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    Recommend a snare drum between $200-$300

    Literally any Tama or Pearl snare in that price range will be great.
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    Why are these so expensive?

    I agree the Piano Black is a timeless finish that's always in style. With regard to the RC's it's the finish that made that series.
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    Why are these so expensive?

    If I have one knock on the current Yamaha offerings, the finishes are very basic. Quality for sure, but the options are nothing like they were when they were MIJ. Pearl and Tama have so many amazing finishes, I can't decide on one, but Yamaha it's Black or White.
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    PEARL DECADE vs YAMAHA STAGE (maple vs birch) PLUS bonus floor tom rant.........

    Pearl always makes a great kit in this price range. I thought the Decade Maples were the best in the DCP maple kit shootout. The finishes tend to pop more than Yamaha as well. Having played a number of Stage Custom kits over various eras, they always have that characteristic Yamaha sound that...
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    What happened to Pearl support?

    Some things come to mind. First, it could be Covid related with minimal staffing. My office is closed, but we can come in to drop off/ pick up and do things we can't from home. With the storms this week, I figured I'd lose power at home and went into the office. We ended up losing power in the...
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    One drum company for all of your drumming needs?

    I'm with you on these four, not necessarily in that order. I could throw a dart, hit any one and be happy with the drums, hardware, etc.
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    Neil Peart's "Artstar" kit

    In the grand scheme of things, Gretsch was not a big seller at this point and they didn't have much of an artist roster. Years ago my uncle needed a ride to the Mercedes dealer to pick up or drop of his car. We walked past a salesman and my uncle said he walked in to by a top line Benz and that...
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    The Least favourite snare you currently own

    I have an Acro that came along with a used kit I bought that I've never used. The lugs were replaced with bow tie lugs. It's in my plans to get some ribbon lugs and puresound wires.
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    Carmine vs Tommy

    I'm a bit TA fan and caught him on the Diary of a Madman tour. Unfortunately, the Randy Rhoads accident occurred a week or so before the Philly show I attended. The concert was postponed for a month or so and Brad Gillis replaced Randy. Gillis did a good job, but Randy's death was such a tragedy...
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    Neil Peart's "Artstar" kit

    From the April 1984 Modern Drummer interview- SF: What was your role in the creation of Tama Artstar drums? NP: Basically, when we were mixing our live album, we had a lot of spare time. I don't like just sitting around. They had an old set of Hayman drums sitting around the studio. I thought...