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    Two vintage Ludwig Super Classic scores today

    Sweet, two cool wraps on those Ludwigs
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    Leedy Reliance snare

    Beautiful shade of blue and the interior is noteworthy.
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    Ludwig Keystone Help

    I am one month older then these beauties, always heard good things about Precision Drums. Hope things work out good for you on the bass drum.
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    More BR....

    Nice to see and hear Ludwig drums and a cool Fender bass, by people who know how to operate them.
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    1968 Ludwig Black Panther

    I always liked the look of Black Panther, nice collection ya got.
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    Ludwig has another new Limited edition snare!

    Good valid point
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    10 lug acrolite with keystone badge

    Looks pretty cool with 10 lugs on her. $$ signs is a dreamer price........would be cool to crank her down and hear her work
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    Ludwig S-100 Standard Red Mist Snare

    I just scrolled back for the third time to look at it again, nice.
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    Ludwig S-100 Standard Red Mist Snare

    That is a nice looking kit.
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    Psychedelic red offer, fair price?

    Good eyes rob, now that looks like a fun project.
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    Ludwig twin channel die cast hoops!!!!

    I never knew they had all those sizes in die cast then.
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    RIP Norm McDonald

    Just watched the moth joke.........I am gonna use that again and again..............
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    Little help dating this Rogers dyna-sonic wood snare

    I would love to date her, always liked those interiors..........
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    Black Beauty Snare Size & Lugs?

    That is beautiful, I really like a 6.5" with Imperials, P-85 and smooth finish........
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    70s Ludwig stainless steel value