<p>I've been playing since the age of 10 and I'm still going strong at 43. I live in Marshall, IL and run a high end pre-owned car lot in Terre Haute, IN. Prior to that I ran/owned Harley-Davidson and custom motorcycle dealerships. I still customize and rebuild Harley's in my spare time. I spent a few years touring wth different bands right out of high school. Some got close to "making it" and some didn't but I had a great time and am happy I did it. I'm an avid Ludwig collector and have several kits that I'm really proud of. My band Octane is a local cover band that has gotten really popular in the area. We do anything from classic rock, to 80's hits, to new country, and newer pop. I play with a great group of guys that are stellar musicians too. We have fun and keep really busy. My son is 10 and started playing in his own band about 6 months ago called the Lemon Brothers Band. He's a Ludwig junkie too. I love my family, my friends, and my pitbull, and I enjoy hanging out on this forum. That's me in a nutshell.</p>

Drums, motorcycles, and cars.
May 5, 1969 (Age: 54)
Marshall, IL


“bones heal, pain is temporary, [and] chicks dig scars...” Evel Knievel