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    **SOLD** Rogers Dayton Era Gold Sparkle

    Very Nice kit and any Rogers enthusiast would be proud to own it!
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    Ringo is LH but plays RH Setup

    I am a long ago converted lefty also on right hand kit. Just easier to sit down behind a back line kit without rearranging it.
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    1st Rogers Kit and DF thank you’s.

    Nice kit!
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    chicago/danny seraphine drums

    Danny has always been one of my Faves!
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    Talk me down from a new Dynasonic

    Get a REAL vintage Powertone or Luxor
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    ***SOLD*** Gretsch Renown Blonde Maple Gloss 2018 drumset: 20,10,12,14FL,16FL MINT $1250!

    Nice kit! I also own a set of Renown drums and I will say they are just as good as the American Gretsch.
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    70's oyster blue

    Great configuration!
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    Drum Rugs (IKEA)

    I bought mine all black from Costco about 15 years ago and it has held up very well. Still use it!
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    Coolest drummer you ever met?

    The most memorable famous drummers I have met were: Buddy Rich in 1976, Phil Collins in 1977 and Carmine Appice in 1969 and again in 2010. The coolest person was Carmine but Buddy was super cool to me as well. Phil was very intense and more uncool to me as I probably caught him off-gaurd.
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    Ludwig 1971 3 Ply Clear Interior Blue/Olive Badge Drum Set Sky Blue Pearl

    I understand the wishful asking price for condition however there is too much UV fading to the wrap since these came from the Ludwig factory in 1971. They no longer have the vibrant Sky Blue pearl pizzazz.. I am sure if you were to go hunting for a 1971 Sky Blue kit in MUSEUM grade condition...
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    Buddy....thought I'd seen 'em all....

    Buddy is Jet lagged here and was working his butt off. You can tell that he did not want to chat with Johnny and he was a fairly good friend of Carson's too. Buddy was also known to be a terrible interviewee. Buddy did not care much what people thought about him. In spite of his demeanor you...
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    Who else is using 13" hi-hats?

    I still own and play a very old Zildjian Avedis 50's pair of 13" hats. They are very thin and great for small venues.
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    One resurfaced.....PINK