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    Is Phil Rudd possibly the Greatest Australian Drummer?

    Plenty of good drummers down here, Melbourne especially. Always been a strong music scene, particularly the garage/punk/pub rock stuff in the 70s & 80s and what evolved from that. Even going back as far as bands like The Easybeats. Off the top of my head… AC/DC, Cold Chisel, the Saints, Nick...
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    Acro Prices

    The NY BOE means it’s an original 6.5” drum, not the reissue that came out in 2013 or whatever. There’s not many of them, they’re bloody rare, and they’ve been damn expensive for some time now. I’ve got the reissue 6.5”. Great drum, love it, especially now I’ve got an Inde strainer on it. Bit...
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    Is Phil Rudd possibly the Greatest Australian Drummer?

    Virgil Donati the most technically proficient. Kevin Parker probably has had the most influence in recent times. Rob Hirst is great, bit of a different vibe going on with him, see Power & the Passion. I like Jim White. Mike Noga was great, loved his feel. Lucius Borich is a player...
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    What is your Main cymbal setup for gigs

    Haven’t played a gig in a couple of years because, you know... Simplified back to the one rig way before that. 16” Lauritsen ‘dark matter skim Lathed’ hats 1009/1224g 20” old A ~1850g 22” old A ~2500g
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    Favorite Bass Drum Impact Pad?

    The Kentville Drums Kangaroo leather patches are great. From memory I bought the heavy weight ones. Steele also does a medium and maybe even a light.
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    Room Acoustics/sound treatment - Need something to make my drums sound good again...

    Something to try with a larger bass drum in smaller room is tuning it up a bit higher than you normally would. At home I’ve got a 26” set up in a room that’s maybe similar size to yours and I found that the heads needed to be a higher pitch to really speak/resonate when compared to larger...
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    50 Snares in 5 Minutes

    So you’re suggesting a guy who made a name for himself replicating drum breaks and recorded sounds can tune, play and record drums that sound a bit like famous recordings?… He’s done it for a handful of reasonably sized artists… Eminem, Kanye, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Drake, etc
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    Time to replace kick batter

    Mm is metric, mil is imperial. 7mm is just over 1/4”. When spoken, millimeter is often abbreviated to ‘mil’, but that’s in the context here of metric being the dominant measurement system and it being pretty rare that anyone needs to refer to a thousandth of an inch. Inches are basically...
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    Two recent favorite throw-offs

    My Metro jarrah stave has the Trick GS007 'multi step' strainer which I like. It works well, the adjustment knob is stepped and the tension doesn't back out. Probably 12 years old now and still going strong. No complaints at all. I just swapped out the P85 on my 6.5" Acro reissue for the...
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    Whitten: The Story Behind "What I Am"

    Well I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your opinions and insight. It’s been great. Hopefully you continue to stick around. Cheers
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    Design YOUR Signature snare

    I had the bottom snare custom made for me a bit over a decade ago. A stack of back and forth with Paul Warry at Metro, and this is what we decided on: 14x6.5” Jarrah stave 30deg edges with a bit of a round over High gloss finish Tube lugs Trick strainer 2.3mm hoops plus a set of matching...
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    OT: any cooks in the house?

    I probably do 2/3 of the cooking at home. I enjoy it. BBQ/grilling/smoking is my favourite. Out in the backyard I’ve got an under cover bbq area, so rain isn’t an issue. There’s an old 57cm wood-handled Weber kettle, a little Weber Go Anywhere and a drum smoker I built with a 44 gallon (that’s...
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    Trimming a PS3 ring

    Yep. I’ve cut the ring off a P3 front head that I wanted to be an Amb. Used scissors. Although in hindsight I probably wish I only cut it back halfway, would have liked a little of that high overtone control rather than fully open.
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    Drum sizes D X Head size ?

    Depth first makes almost as much sense as month/day/year…
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    Suggestions please - what kit package would you recommend to a new drummer

    In my opinion, buy used. I picked up an old 1980ish Yamaha 5000 series as a gig kit for a couple of hundred bucks (AUD). White wrap finish in 13x9, 16x16 and 22x14 sizes. They sound great. Even had new G2 clears on the toms (which I swapped out for some white suede emperors I had lying...