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    Where do you strike the bass drum head?

    About an 1” off dead centre, slightly under on the 26” and slightly over on the 22”. I don’t adjust the beater height on my pedal when I change kits, so it splits the difference between both drums. When I only had the 26” the beater was an 1” higher to hit the dead centre on that drum.
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    You can only have one choice. Right now, which is your favorite kit you own?

    ‘47 Radio King. 13, 16, 26.
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    Favorite Tunings for No/Single Flange Hoop Drums

    My Radio King Tom’s have single flange hoops with clips. I don’t treat them any different to my Yamaha with triple flange hoops. Remo Classic Fit coated ambassadors on them, they tune down low, high and in between, muffle to taste. Maybe some of the differences of the SF hoops are offset...
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    What Bass Drum Beaters do you use?!

    Danmar hard white felt is the go to. Had to grab a Gibraltar one the other day to replace my worn-flat-to-the-washer Danmar as I couldn’t find a new one in any local shops, let’s see how long it lasts. The shaft is definitely thinner than the danmar, unsure of the felt quality yet. Also...
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    Snare wires, how important?

    I’ve got a few sets of different snare wires at home. I think I like a generic pair of Taiwanese 25 strands on my 6.5 Acrolite. They feel a little lighter gauge, very bright, have a bit of a sizzle to them. I’ve got 20 strand Pearl Ultrasounds on my 6.5 Jarrah stave. They feel a heavier...
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    OT: Best smoker for beginners looking to make GREAT BBQ

    I’ve read a lot about the robo-turd/pellet smokers being preferred due to ‘not having to babysit’ them. Yeah, an offset or anything burning logs is going to require fire management, but other charcoal options shouldn’t require much attention if you’re doing it right. About half an hour or so...
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    OT: Best smoker for beginners looking to make GREAT BBQ

    Best bang for buck? Ugly Drum Smoker. I had mine up and running for maybe $50AUD. Get a 44 gallon drum (55 gal for you stateside). Ideally straight sides, removable lid and not a ‘food grade’ drum with the plastic liner. I got a drum that had glue (inside a bag) in it. Still want to burn...
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    Smooth White Emperors

    I like the white suede emps, they’ve got that satin/lightly-textured finish to them rather than the high gloss smooth white.
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    Down here feels like it’s all VF, Vater and Zildjian sticks, sometimes you see Pro Mark. Regal Tip are seemingly almost non existent.
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    Just play a normal stick and never have to worry about this happening. It’s not like Vic Firth are gonna discontinue 5B wood tips any time soon.
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    In between sticks and brushes

    I play VF5Bs wood tip sticks exclusively, but if I really had to play quiet I’d be looking at something similar sized in maple (SD9?), and if that’s not enough I think I’d probably downsize to something notably smaller like an SD4. After that you’ve got the rod/rute things but that’s a...
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    Moody gear taste

    My 26x14” radio king is a bit temperamental depending on the room size/shape, what the head configuration is and how it’s tuned. Typically it’s medium or smaller rehearsal rooms, square or close to square in shape without high ceilings when I’ve got it tuned a bit lower with a solid front...
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    Traditional or Classic Country

    Farm Emo
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    26" Bass Drum!?!? Where have you been all my life...

    Swapped heads out today, after rewatching the Eric Valentine one/minimal mic video have been moving playing around with a big, open tuning on all the drums (light leather wallet as snare muffling/gate) and doing some hard compression/eq moves. So removed the ported amb and coated p3 and...