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    Change my mind - Die cast hoops suck on snare drums

    I just put aluminum cast hoops on my BB and it tamed the overtones a bit but mostly Kept the sound I love
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    BREAK OUT THE PICS... Lets see your SOLID 1 ply Snare Drums!

    Did you buy this recently? I think I almost pulled the trigger on this when it was for sale.
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    What is it about remo coated ambassadors that..

    I agree with this, ambs need a break in period to get a sweet spot. Evans generally sound great right away to me.
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    New Ludwig Legacy Jazz Festival

    They won't take pictures, I was watching a Raw Brass snare they had on super-sale. I asked to see the actual drum since they vary in appearance. I was told they don't have the staff to go to the warehouse and take pictures.
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    Top Hat and Cane set Sold and delivered this last weekend

    Don must have a serious insurance policy on his place with all the collectors kits he holds on to.
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    Chad Gamble (Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit) drums on reverb

    Oh, I understand completely why he's doing it. I have a brother and several friends who make livings from live music, it's going to take them a loooong time to recover from this.
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    Chad Gamble (Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit) drums on reverb

    I'm sure they sound great [heard them live three times], I love JI and Chad's playing in the band but you're paying about $4500-$5000 more for that fact he played it in that band.
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    FOUND: 13" Gauger Flex Frame

    I see a few new on Reverb but looking to see if someone has one lying around they'd sell.
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    The Genius of Jeff Porcaro and Tomas Haake

    I used to work at a 300 cap. club and these guys headlined a show there. Though I don't really dig their music Alan was bananas on the drums. Got to hang with the band during load out and they were some of the nicest band guys I've ever met.
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    Thinking of switching to 20 inch rides

    Yeah, super sad day here when he passed. Used to see him around town in various bands a lot. A true gentle giant with a big heart.
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    Thinking of switching to 20 inch rides

    It was a Heavy? it sounds fantastic on this tune. The song is outstanding! Reminds me of a local jazz/fusion band here called Gamalon.
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    Thinking of switching to 20 inch rides

    I really like 21's and where they sit in the mix, but I recently grabbed a 22" Legacy Heavy based on what I heard online. Hopefully it'll be a long term keeper.
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    What company is the “Ludwig” of wood snares?

    This. I covet a N/C SS or Stave but the cost make it specialty drum not an "every-man" snare like the Supra.
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    Holy Crap - Shipping International Is Insane

    I've had a few European inquiries on a 24" bass drum I'm selling, cheapest I could find was $800 :blink:
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    My new WFL iii snare

    Can anyone remind me why he left the family business?