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    FOUND!---WTB: 8x12 Ludwig 3-ply with Rings

    sent an E-mail
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    FOUND!---WTB: 8x12 Ludwig 3-ply with Rings

    no,, says I have no conversations!
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    FOUND!---WTB: 8x12 Ludwig 3-ply with Rings

    any interest? yours for shipping cost, send zip for ship quote & pic's...….mike
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    FOUND!---WTB: 8x12 Ludwig 3-ply with Rings

    hello Stretch, I have a shell, no hardware or badge, no extra holes, wrap removed, some of the outer ply came off with wrap, yours for cost of shipping.
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    Looking for Ludwig "Standard" bass drum T-Rods and 10 Ludwig bass drum claws

    I have your claws, if you need them?
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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    merlin haggard, had two drummers for a time! I never could figure out why?
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    WTB: Ludwig Speed King Reissue (L201) Bass Pedal

    I have one , its new, any interest E-mail me (
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    Vintage Ludwig Downbeat (20/14/12)Drum Set From 1960s or Early 1970s

    I have couple kits i'd like to move, I just turned 70, need to down size, 4 piece rewrapped in burgundy sparkle, all chrome is perfect, 18"- 14"-10"-8" 3 piece kit wrapped in TAMO ASH wood, has wood hoops, chrome is perfect, 18"-14"-12" any interest let me know.
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    Ludwig T’s and claws

    have a set of 10 rods,claws,washers, any interest pm me with zip for ship quote.
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    Found! Thanks Nacci! Slingerland 1960s T-Rods

    there is a chap on face-book , vintage drum singles, tony lee, has a set of T's & claws, asking $150.
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    What are some memories of your tour or being on the road?

    it was back in 1968 we were just a club band, a local boy won a singing contest, thought he was a star and asked us to go on the road, had a doge maxie van, offered us transportation, $150. a week, room & meals, now being a bunch of 18 year olds thought we had it made! we wer,nt really...
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    What Are Your Favorite Car Years?

    I love the tri-five chevy, these two are mine.
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    Ludwig Score

    I covered mine with a piece of road sign, I cut it out and polished it up, had it engraved,
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    Vintage Ludwig/WFL FT Leg Mount Help

    i think Gretsch has a two piece mount you could use, how ever since you have the old parts, I would dill hole in the center of mount, and find 3 of the innards from a Ludwig p1216 mount and use them to hold legs, I think there is another brand that uses this same setup.
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    Alternate to real skin head

    thinking back to younger days, I was loading up for a gig, when something fell over, went thru top head on my snare, no place to buy a replacement at nite, took a quick look around and seen old army (canvas) duffel bag, I cut a circle out and somehow wrapped it around the old rim that was...