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    Sonor Perfect Balance or Ludwig Speed King pedal

    i have a few speed-kings, $100. usd. shipping included
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    Strange wrap on this vintage Ludwig on CL

    i kind of like them, i had to make mine from marchers,
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    Tom Holder - Pin removal/insertion & replacements

    called a roll pin, they are spring steel to be tight when in place. to remove use a flat face punch with a barrel shaft to drive out,
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    re-wrapped ludwig's

    b/o badge shells that were striped & wrapped burgundy sparkle, chrome is near perfect, wrap is perfect, new hi-durlic heads, sizes, 18", 14", 10", 8" asking $900. usd. shipping included.
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    ludwig jelly-bean kit SOLD

    i'm turning 71 in march, my wife just suffered a stroke, been 5 weeks in hospital, she is coming around! i have decided time to sell couple of my kits, time to stay home for awhile. ( not much going on anyway) these are ludwig 3 ply marching shells with re-rings, white interiors, club-date...
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    Regarding Champagne Drum

    me being Canadian, our Red-Rose tea company had a saying ( pity only in Canada ) you should have E-mailed him, his records would show 6"
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    Ludwig Pre Serial Nickel Mounts : Wanted

    i have couple, with washer's & screws, asking $20. each + shipping. i'm in canada so shipping may kill it?
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    Update, Done! Anyone know how to remove rivets from Hi-hat legs?

    then you will have two useless pieces on your stand, that the legs fit into. do it right! lol
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    Update, Done! Anyone know how to remove rivets from Hi-hat legs?

    i would take the black foot piece off the bottom, then loosen the set screws and slide the leg basket off, it went together in pieces, should come apart in pieces?
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    Wanted - Pair of 16" wood bass hoops......

    first i put a mark on head & on hoop, rolled the hoop around the head till it came to mark on head. then marked the hoop. cut the piece out between the marks, i then placed two steel rods in vice with ends about 3" above the jaws, placed some plastic hose over the rods so hoops would not be...
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    Wanted - Pair of 16" wood bass hoops......

    cut & bent into shape, brazed, seem to work ok, need a good sanding & paint
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    Wanted - Pair of 16" wood bass hoops......

    i made my own bass hoops, had 20" metal hoops , i cut them & bent them into shape to fit a 16" head. i then brazed them together, i realize not as nice as wood ones, but shell was old marcher, no harm done.
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    How to Fix Dents in a Metal Snare Shell - Tips?

    likely never be perfect? much the same as dent on car, metal is stretched .
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    and, he never missed a beat, or changed expression!
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    Stripped Ludwig discovery

    i have a 16" eagle that was buried under a wrap ( guess thats why leg is in a bad spot ) i found a 12" on e-bay, bought a 18" marcher & built a bass drum, had a bugger of a time finding the eagle decal!