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    Drumstick control clips.

    i'm thinking they would make you lazy, and loose your grip or feel after awhile?
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    Wanted: 10 Ludwig Classic Tees and Claws

    I have them, nice condition, pm me for pic's if any interest.
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    Ludwig/WFL COB 12" Rims

    I can 1/2 help, have one nice hoop, no rust or pitting, pm for price & pics
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    Gretsch snap in key holder clip

    the clip just slides over the key holder, it kind of rides in the slots, you may need to close it up a little if it falls out?
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    Ludwig Custom Bass Drum Heads

    thx D.B. these were made one year only to celebrate ludwigs 75th year, I won the 12" tom of ebay many years ago, thought I could build a kit, took forever to find a floor tom, finely someone found it under a wrap! and sold it to me, the bass I never did find, I picked up a pearl 18"...
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    Ludwig Custom Bass Drum Heads

    hello frey, a few years back I put together an eagle kit, I searched all over for a decal, finely found one in the UK! I think it was called classic drums...L. Howe was chap I talked to, dn37 oxy, he sent me 2 of the decals, I used one, and still have a spare, hope you can find him in...
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    FOUND!---WTB: 8x12 Ludwig 3-ply with Rings

    sent an E-mail
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    FOUND!---WTB: 8x12 Ludwig 3-ply with Rings

    no,, says I have no conversations!
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    FOUND!---WTB: 8x12 Ludwig 3-ply with Rings

    any interest? yours for shipping cost, send zip for ship quote & pic's...….mike
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    FOUND!---WTB: 8x12 Ludwig 3-ply with Rings

    hello Stretch, I have a shell, no hardware or badge, no extra holes, wrap removed, some of the outer ply came off with wrap, yours for cost of shipping.
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    Looking for Ludwig "Standard" bass drum T-Rods and 10 Ludwig bass drum claws

    I have your claws, if you need them?
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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    merlin haggard, had two drummers for a time! I never could figure out why?
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    WTB: Ludwig Speed King Reissue (L201) Bass Pedal

    I have one , its new, any interest E-mail me (
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    Vintage Ludwig Downbeat (20/14/12)Drum Set From 1960s or Early 1970s

    I have couple kits i'd like to move, I just turned 70, need to down size, 4 piece rewrapped in burgundy sparkle, all chrome is perfect, 18"- 14"-10"-8" 3 piece kit wrapped in TAMO ASH wood, has wood hoops, chrome is perfect, 18"-14"-12" any interest let me know.
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    Ludwig T’s and claws

    have a set of 10 rods,claws,washers, any interest pm me with zip for ship quote.