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    Ludwig Legacy Pro Beat Maple Kit silver sparkle - 24/13/16 - $2200 Shipped CONUS

    Great kit. Love mine….in the same color and sizes .
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    What's your listening gear set up? Turntable, speakers?

    Table: VPI Classic Sig or Thorens TD-124 Phono Pre: K&K Audio Digital: PS Audio DS DAC and PW Transport Preamp/Phono: Atma-Sphere MP-3 Amps: Atma-Sphere M-60’s Speakers: Pro-Ac Response D2’s
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    Gretsch finishes

    I think the OP made a solid choice with Millennium Maple. “Classic” color, for sure. Lighting can definitely change the way a color looks with painted finishes, at least with the Rosewood lacquer on my USA Customs.
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    Classic Maple 22" Ludwig CRAP

    I think the single 45 degree cut that Ludwig uses is "ok", but Ludwig shells aren't undersized like my Sonor drums and the stock Ludwig heads have a much shallower collar than almost any other drumhead out there. I decided to let Precision redo all the edges on one kit because the new Coated...
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    Sonor 5.75” shell depth?

    Never thought about the math on this, but since Sonor made 14”X5” and a 14”x6.5” snares, I guess that 14”X5.75” actually makes sense.
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    Sonor 5.75” shell depth?

    The D505 that I bought from a forum member has a 5.75” depth as does the new Vintage Series snare I picked up recently.
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    Sonor 5.75” shell depth?

    Anybody know the inside scoop on why they chose to go with a 5.75” depth on snares or was this just a case of “Sonor being Sonor”? I’ve collected a few of their snares in the size and like them quite a bit. Just curious :)
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    Classic Maple 22" Ludwig CRAP

    If the OP can get his hands on an extra hoop to try to see if a better fit around the drumhead collar might help things, maybe this could be the easiest solution? Worth a try.
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    Classic Maple 22" Ludwig CRAP

    With hoops? I’d say at least 2 out of 4. Edges weren’t a problem with any of the bass drums that I can recall, but I did let Precision recut the edges on a kit (one tom had edges that were off and I didn’t care for the way that Remo heads seated on the toms, in general). Mind you these drums are...
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    Classic Maple 22" Ludwig CRAP

    Just my experience with four different CM bass drums: 20-22-24-26 First, it seemed like it took about 3 months of steady playing for each drum to "loosen up." Could just be my imagination, but there you go. Bearing edges: Ludwig is usually pretty good, but a couple of my drums benefitted by a...
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    Anyone use the Evans Genera?

    My 5x14 Maple N&C that I got in the early 90’s came stock with a Genera batter and an opaque reso head. Worked well with that drum and that’s what I used on it for a while. Since then it’s had a Coated G1 on it.
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    18" Bass Drum - Wide Open

    Gretsch Custom 14x18: Earthtone on batter, stock Fiberskyn Ambassador on reso, microfiber towel between pedal and batter. Has worked well on low-volume/low-key gigs. Sonor SQ2 14x18: Coated Ambassador on batter, stock Fiberskyn PS3 on reso, Swiffer rag between pedal and batter. I bought a...
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    Second edition Sonor Benny Greb snare drums

    13” snares haven’t been my primary go-to since I prefer to use a 14” for brushes, but the Brass BG is pretty versatile and has been a good foil to my Vintage Series 14”X5.75”
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    Ludwig 1971 Classic Drum Set (Drums are sold)

    This is a very nice kit that I was tempted to grab while picking up some other things from Buddman. These should go to a good home :)
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    Advice needed: 20" vs 22" based upon cymbal set/music style

    I think that a 20” BD is fine for Funk/Fusion, but what you might prefer one way or the other might actually come down to the “feel” of the drum, so I’d recommend trying to demo any 20” either at a shop or behind a buddy’s kit.