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    What sheet music and app do you use?

    Finale on my laptop... It is amazing and writes the percussion score for you.
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    How many voices do you use?

    3 kits that I spent quite a bit of time on, getting the sound just the way I like it.. 1) Ballads, swing/pop, slow jazzy grooves, etc... 2) Classic Rock, Hard Rock, etc... 3) A duplicate of "2" above, but with Tom #2 assigned as a loud Cowbell (thus, making my kit into an old school 4-piece kit.)
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    What was the single most thing that improved your drumming?

    What has helped me? Even as... well... a NON-drummer? (never had a lesson in my life)... My E-drums module has a "built in teacher" mode, I guess you could call it that! Alesis Nitro Mesh module has a really cool feature in the "Practice" mode. From there you have dozens of sections...
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    Thinking about starting Trumpet

    I played trumpet for decades, starting out in the late 60's in elementary school band, middle school, etc... and learned very quickly that trumpet players have MASSIVE EGOS. If you can't play a certain lick by {famous jazz trumpeter} then you are worthless. If you can't hit the high "C" (above...
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    OT - Anyone a drummer AND a Motorcyclist?

    Oh yeah... It's a proven fact! I think it was 1985 when Honda came out with the first V-Twin design. Everyone freaked out and was like, "That's an imitation Harley!" etc... :rolleyes: But as Honda proved... Their liquid cooled take on the V-Twin engine was a masterpiece, and the damn things...
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    OT - Anyone a drummer AND a Motorcyclist?

    Yup... Been riding since around 1982. All I've ever owned were Hondas. It's just the way it is... 2007 Honda Shadow Aero 750. Still in excellent condition, with 42,340 miles and counting! B)
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    Rubber vs mesh

    I remember the rubber pads from years ago, but nowadays I prefer mesh, as you can tweak the heads and tighten them a little to your taste. I also prefer nylon tip 5A's as the I was told the nylon tip would be more gentle on the mesh head.
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    Uh... Self explanatory...
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    Help me learn and understand what I am playing (from a non-drummer perspective...)

    Thank you.... Honest and straight from the heart? I honestly have no idea what exactly I was doing besides trying to play a type of marching band cadence. All I can do is learn more and more from everyone on this forum (but yet --reversed-- as I am a Lefty).
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    Help me learn and understand what I am playing (from a non-drummer perspective...)

    Thank you! :D The "bold print" L and R lettering in my original post are accents on the 1st beat, if you tap your feet like a march.
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    Help me learn and understand what I am playing (from a non-drummer perspective...)

    So, I ended up creating sort of a Marching Band cadence without knowing it? Cool! :cool: I was in HS Marching Band back in the 70's... I played Baritone and (briefly) doubled on 3rd Trombone. I always loved the drumline and all the various snares, quad-toms (I think that's what they were...
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    Help me learn and understand what I am playing (from a non-drummer perspective...)

    As you all know, I am mainly a guitarist, trumpet player, keyboards, etc... and doodle with drums (and as bizarre as it may sound - LEFT HANDED - while everything else I do is right handed). Anyway, I came up with this exercise pattern off the top of my head and don't quite get what I am doing...
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    Ten Reasons to Buy an Electronic Drum Kit

    The main reason for an electronic kit? Happy Wife = Happy Life! :lol: For 36 years, I have been begging for an acoustic kit (flipped around Lefty). "NO... NO... NO... NO... You already have a trumpet, cornet, trombone, tenor sax, 5 guitars, a bass, and now a full size Yamaha keyboard. Plus...
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    Jimmy Fox (Joe Walsh's band "James Gang") drum fills, buzz rolls, etc...

    Remember the classic "Funk #49" and "Walk Away" from the James Gang? Check out the original drummer back in 1971 behind Joe Walsh. Jimmy Fox played traditional grip, and played such incredible fills, rolls, etc.. Wow!! :D (1) James Gang - Walk Away (1971) - YouTube Edit: Sorry... You have...
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    The Stones To Roll On

    True.... But it just won't be the same no matter how hard The Stones try to pull it off. Led Zeppelin disbanded after John Bonham passed away. Rush disbanded after Neil Peart passed away. ...just sayin'