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    Why I don't use Remo

    >factory head fails like it's supposed to >dismiss the whole brand because of a cheap, most likely Chinese made head
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    New kit day! (Gretsch content)

    Yea, loss, I've been window shopping there since before I even played anything.
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    New kit day! (Gretsch content)

    I got it at Alexandria Music, which is right off the GW parkway on Belleview Blvd.
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    New kit day! (Gretsch content)

    Probably gonna port the bass too.
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    New kit day! (Gretsch content)

    I'll replace the stock heads eventually. Probably do ambassadors and a powerstroke 3. Maybe CS on the toms, I have no clue yet.
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    New kit day! (Gretsch content)

    I haven't messed with the tuning on mine yet. It's perfect. I think the guys at the store tuned it.
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    New kit day! (Gretsch content)

    Thank you man. I stared at this kit long and hard for a good year or so. I knew I'd end up buying it eventually. It is perfect for me.
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    New kit day! (Gretsch content)

    I think I'm gonna get metal hoops for the bass. I prefer them to wood.
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    New kit day! (Gretsch content)

    I've been gone probably the last 5-6 months or so, and yesterday I made a big change to my setup. I was out and about when I stopped in my local music store for the first time in months. Basically, I ended up running back to my house, grabbing my kit and gear and trading in my shells and a...
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    To those of you with multiple snares....

    I've got a 13x3.5" Mapex MPX that has become my main snare, and a 60s 14x5" Tama that's on the back burner in need of repair, but sounds decent as it sits.
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    OT, Any Dallas Cowboy fans here besides me. Now 5-1

    As we all know, the Redskins lost their quarterback to the battle of wounded ankle, rather than wounded knee... I'm rooting for the Lions. They give me a strong feeling of underdog syndrome and they're absolutely tearing up the field this year. They deserve that trophy more than any team in the...
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    Big bass drifting?

    I'm having a slight problem. I upgraded from my 70s Pearl to a lovely ddrum Defiant. They look great, and sound astounding for what I paid. ($225-$250 in trade, kit was $900 new) But there's a big problem, which is the big bass. I had my 22×14 and it was just dandy. The modern sized 22×18, for...
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    Shallow bass drums

    I imagine the shallowest you could possibly go and still get a decent sound is 22×10 maybe. And that's with s well tuned and muffled batter and reso, and I imagine a port would open it up and control it more.
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    When "Rock Stars" Are Jerks

    I don't think I've ever had a bad experience with a rockstar. Even as far as meeting Bam Margera, he was one of the nicest people I've ever chatted with. Got to get on the tour bus and everything.
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    OT - Some new stuff you old guys'll like.

    Heh, I generally get positive old people replies. Maybe our ears wear differently.