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    Yamaha Club Custom 12” Black Swirl Tom

    Excellent condition Yamaha Club Custom 12” Tom in Black Swirl. Will post pics later. $350 plus shipping from 93311. Thanks and stay safe!
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    Yamaha Club Custom 12" tom in Black Swirl

    I have one but assume you’ve found one by now?
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    Tama Dyna-Sync Series Single Pedal HPDS1, Like New, $280 shipped

    Cool that you tried this- I considered. What is your preferred pedal? :) GLWS!!!
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    Ludwig snare shootout (LM402 and Black Beauty)

    I didn’t take your comment personally. :) I was unhappily surprised, as well, to discover this offering only available to Europe, but my experience with Thomann was painless. That said, I completely understand the annoyance of being so close to the factory! Haha!
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    Ludwig snare shootout (LM402 and Black Beauty)

    You doubted me? LOL!
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    Ludwig snare shootout (LM402 and Black Beauty)

    I don’t know if this will factor into your choice, but I just received my Bronze Beauty 2 days ago. It’s a new model that Ludwig is only offering to Europe at this time. In fact, it’s a Thomann exclusive at the moment, although there is a high priced one on Reverb from Drumazon in the UK- they...
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    Yamaha 8000 6.5x14 Tour Custom Snare (Redwood) $250+shipping

    Hello- purchased this for a kit that didn’t happen. In good shape- just needs some clean up. Unoriginal wires. $250 plus actual shipping. Shipping from 93311. Would go nicely with bconrad’s kit...‘80s-burnt-orange-rare-sizes.173696/
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    Sold / traded

    Is this the finish where you can see the wood grain?
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    SOLD Ludwig 6.5x14 hammered bronze Supra w/case $500 (drop)

    Very cool! Finally someone stepped up! Lol
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    The Big List - Yamaha, Joyful Noise, Craviotto & More

    Dana is an absolute pleasure to deal with and packs drums to withstand small nukes. Highly recommended!! Thanks again, DK!
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    SOLD. DW MDD Single Pedal & Hi Hat Stand

    Low hours of use on this set of DW MDD single bass drum pedal and matching hi hat stand. Comes with all contents and original boxes, if I can find them. Retail is around $1k, so how about $600 for the pair. Buyer pays shipping.
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    Where are you located?
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    People still selling (and buying) gear?

    Oh yeah! ;)
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    The Big List - Yamaha, Joyful Noise, Craviotto & More

    For transparency-PM sent @ 8:11am on AK and others.
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    People still selling (and buying) gear?

    Got to see the bronze BB, man!