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    What is this drum worth? 20’s NOB

    Listing ended - sold?
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    COB super-sensitive with red baseball bat muffler?

    I have COB pre-serial snares with both round and BB mufflers. I've seen more BB mufflers on the 6.5" than 5", but they still exist. As noted by others, this was a transition period and Ludwig was known to just use up parts in the bin so to speak. The lugs look correct. The weight is also a...
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    Ludwig Transition Kit: Purchased Together??????

    The Super-Sensitive was available at that time (transition badge). I also have a transition badge super-sensitive so they are out there. I’ve seen a few...
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    WTB: Vintage Drum Catalogs

    WTB: Vintage drum catalogs (Ludwig, Slingerland, Leedy, Conn, Wurlitzer). Mostly pre-1960. Also Leedy Drum Topics, Ludwig Drummer, memorabilia... Happy to pay a premium for early catalogs. Best wishes, Bob
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    Drum Luthier

    Very nice work - love to hear some sound files or vids
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    Top Hat and Cane set Sold and delivered this last weekend

    Awesome set! I have a TH&C snare and that took me many years to find! Congrats; glad it worked out for you and your family.
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    Wanted: Vintage Drum Catalogs

    message sent. Please send pics, condition, price(s). Thx! Bob,
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    Wanted: Vintage Drum Catalogs

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    1920's Black Beauty

    I certainly wasn't sure what you were implying, but just wanted to be sure you were aware. I have a sizable collection of vintage Black Beauties. The 6.5" have been extremely difficult to find, especially in very good or better condition. I recently sold three duplicate Black Beauties (1920's...
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    1920's Black Beauty

    A word to the wise. The 6.5” Black Beauties are much more rare than the 5” (or 4”) so they have appreciated much more in value. Lately, they have fetched $1500-3000 Premium over the 5”, all things being equal. As such, a direct trade would not likely be considered. Bob
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    Info on this 1936 Ludwig & Ludwig kit?

    Was this kit sold? (I saw it was up on Ebay but ended early)...
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    Wanted: Vintage Drum Catalogs

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    Ludwig 401

    Here is a great video that I think shows the differences quite clearly: Please note that this is to establish is the drum is a brass Supraphonic/Super-Ludwig, not lacquer over brass vs. chrome over brass. I’m unsure how to tell the difference between the two other than if the grommet has...