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    Drummers that love 26" kick drums...What is your favorite depth?

    I have a Slingerland 26”x10”, a Ludwig 3-ply 26”x14”, a Ludwig 6-ply 26”x16”, a 70’s Gretsch 26” with a regular thickness shell, and a Gretsch Vineyard with a thin 70’s shell. Edges/heads/tuning/muffling are all much bigger factors than an inch here or an inch there in depth. If these were all...
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    Paul Jamieson is closing his studio business

    Guys, he never contributes anything but unpleasantness. Just put him on “ignore” and pretend he died. Feels great!
  3. “Gibson” and bass group shot

    “Gibson” and bass group shot

  4. “Fender” group shot

    “Fender” group shot

  5. New guitar group shot

    New guitar group shot

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    SOLD Rogers Swiv O Matic bass pedal

    PM sent
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    Traded: Paiste Formula 602 Dark Ride for Agop

    I had a same year Transition Dark Ride, and it sold because it wasn’t clanky or grumpy enough. It was merely disagreeable, the one I kept was like that complete a-hole at party who tells great stories.
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    Ludwig 5/16 Curved Spurs (SOLD)

    I’ve had to buy a dozen or so of these, and this is a very good price for a complete pair. GLWS
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    People that take apart drums and sell the pieces are horrible humans.

    My solution is that I’m simply no longer selling anything cheaply. I’ve seen a few old drums of mine scrapped out, and a few cymbals sold at begged-for “forum bro” discounts resold for half-again as much, and I’m done leaving much room for a flip. I make money for somebody else at my job. I’ll...
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    Prices lowered - Paiste Sound Creation, Zildjian K, Sabian

    SC Dark China and 2002 arrived well-packed and safe. Thanks again!
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    FedEx delivered my C&C kit to the wrong address! UPDATE: They found the kit but the bass drum is cracked

    I box stuff up like they’re trying to break it, but halfheartedly. Nothing I can do to protect from a forklift spearing, or being backed over by a truck.
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    OT:The World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band?

    All of you seem to have misspelled M-O-T-O-R-H-E-A-D, good thing I’m here to help out.
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    Prices lowered - Paiste Sound Creation, Zildjian K, Sabian

    I’ll take the 18” Dark China. PM sent.
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    OT: Great Gretsch GUITAR Sound

    As for what to listen to, Mr. Campbell’s used his all over all the Heartbreaker’s stuff, Duane Eddy’s “$1,000,000 Worth Of Twang”, Brian Setzer’s whole career, a goodly portion of George Harrison’s, The Cramps, and on and on.
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    So, using that last picture, clockwise from 12 Tom mount, unknown Muffler knob, almost can think of it.. Muffler knob, same Throwoff tensioner knob, unknown Muffler knob, 70’s Ludwig Weird little knob, god only knows Jack cup for a Telecaster Micro sensitive arm, for deeper drums No-slip spike...