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    Anybody Buying Carter McLean’s $30,000 Kit?

    This is NOT my listing FYI. I sold the kit to a kid Tim Morrison on Wednesday who I had a funny feeling about. Sold it for not much more than a reg George Way kit. Super good deal actually. Kid is delusional asking that kind of $$$$. I have ZERO to do with all that on listing. I would have...
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    Carter McLean demoing 23 snares

    The reason I dont just crank all of the snares is they loose the personality of the drum. Most snares sound very similar cranked. You hear more of the shell at med to low tension. Plus I like that sound. This was also a very quick snap shot of each drum not a scientific comparison. Hope a...
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    Carter McLean on how to tune a drum set

    Im pretty sure I can consistently get whatever sound I am after. I was just trying to be nice and let people in on my process which is in a nut shell USE YOUR EARS and let go relying on devices. At the end of the day you need to be able to make a bad drum set sound good by PLAYING it. I was...
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    How does Carter McLean record his videos

    Hey yall... thanks for the nice words! This video was a stereo spaced pair of Earthworks SR25's and a SR20LS on kick. Gear is important yes but what you DO WITH IT is THE THING. HOPE EVERYONE IS WELL IN THESE STRANGE TIMES. CHEERS C
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    Four Hands Drumming - Carter McLean

    No there is not. I also do skype lessons to try out how I teach. Trust me I have plenty of exercises to take home and work on. ITs not all just really hope for the best and you will sound great! Play like the ocean..... its not that. Its a perspective on music and drumming.
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    Four Hands Drumming - Carter McLean

    THANK YOU! VOICE of reason thank god! I don't come on here to be praised. Trust me..... im not that insecure ha ha. I just like seeing what this amazing community is up too and be a small part of it. If my name pops up thats great. End of the day I started out like everyone else...
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    Four Hands Drumming - Carter McLean

    Lets be honest here MC5.....the first comment was very similar to the second. I understand you don't dig my teaching and I am not as you say in your humble opinion "not really a teacher yet." I think if you ask anyone who has had a lesson with me or attended any of my clinics they would argue...
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    Four Hands Drumming - Carter McLean

    I think if you ask anyone that has actually had a lesson with me in person or ACTUALLY knows me will tell you I do listen.....very carefully. A lot is lost in translation on a forum via text. I do CARE about anyone interested in my playing. I feel very lucky that anyone really cares. I take...
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    Four Hands Drumming - Carter McLean

    Sorry you were not into it. You have it for a year and I feel can grow a lot as a player from what info is there. I dont expect people to re subscribe unless they feel they have not grasped all the content in that year. I have had LOTS of positive feedback from students saying "this is...
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    Carter McClean left Dunnett/George Way for Ludwig...

    Not bad looking either
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    Carter McClean left Dunnett/George Way for Ludwig...

    Thanks for all the support in this everyone. The main reason I switched to Ludwig is they just have more reach as a 110 yr old company world wide. I have a book coming out this spring with Hal Leonard called "concepts & creativity" and I would like to do a lot of clinics around that. Ludwig...
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    Chicago Vintage Drum Show

    Looking forward to this!!!!! See you there. C
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    Four Hands Drumming - Carter McLean

    PerfectImposter....I am really sorry you are not getting anything out of it. There are A LOT of other sites that are..... DO THIS.......PLAY THIS....... HERE IS A LICK OF THE WEEK. I am trying to get EACH STUDENT to find his or her own path in MUSIC. There is A LOT of info in each video if you...
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    Charlie Hunter, Carter McLean & Curtis Fowlkes TRIO - fantastic

    Hey yall thanks for the kind words. The hats in the video are Agop 30th 15". I have yet to hear anything from Agop that is not mindblowing. Cheers
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    Can someone tell me what sticking/rudiments these fills are? Carter McLean video

    Unfortunately not right now. As we get rolling further we will try and add individual lesson purchases. If you want just a technique lesson let's say....might be $10. Something like that. Cheers