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    Fantastic visit to Dale's Drum Shop today!

    I have praise for Rej and Dales to. The minute these hit the store they hit the road and then my doorstep. Awesome
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    Do you prefer Lacquer or Wrap for your kits and why?

    I have wraps, paints, stains and lacquers oh my. I choose the lacquer because it’s purtyiest.
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    Finally-Tama Caramel Aurora

    After a 3 month plus wait they arrived today. Now if I could only run down the matching snare and a Shamrock Oyster snare I could find something else I don’t need to obsess over.
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    OT: Bill Murray Top 3 Favorite Movies

    Ghostbusters Where the Buffalo Roam What about Bob
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    Is this trade worth the hassle?

    I tell you what, if you trade and hate the snare I will trade you a pair of new 2002 Big Beat hats or buy you another set of 505’s for the Pioneer and cover shipping cost.
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    Is this trade worth the hassle?

    I would run over there before he wises up. Get that drum and run back home.
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    Chevelle Hasn't Make Any $$$ Selling 6 Million Records

    Not only that but if I remember correctly there first album was put out through a Christian label who was willing to re-up with the band and treated them pretty well. There was another option even if it was not a big boy label.
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    Worth having 2 kits ?

    I have nine and still want more. I say keep it
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    Paiste traditional SWISH

    There was a 20” on Reverb for $245 I think? I made a offer for $10 less but someone hit buy it now and I lost it over $10 stupid dollars. Learned my lesson there. Bump
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    Zildjy Gospel cymbal box set

    I like them but don’t have a Paiste set I want to let go of.
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    DW Buddy Rich Snare drum

    If you like it and have the money go for it and you will eventually forget if it was to much or a deal. If it appealed to everyone then you would be just like everyone else.
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    I got a Cannabis kit!

    Careful, you might find me in your garage smoking your drums.
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    New Drummer, is ths gear good for a beginner?

    Both the drums and the cymbals are fine choices. The cymbals are professional grade that work with just about any type of music. I love the finish on the drums, very classy.
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    Cant we just be drummers

    I’m terrible compared to the artists who wrote the music I like to play but I have fun nonetheless. I don’t care for most of the YouTube videos either. Just let it be fun and the rest falls into place.
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    Help Id,ing nice Tama snare 8 x 14

    Looks like the original version not the re-issue to me. Someone put that in a case and used a different snare with their kit I bet. My first teacher has 80’s Superstar Mahogany drums and that snare is my favorite. It’s something about that depth and wood that just hits way down deep for me...