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    DW Collectors Jazz

    There junk, send them to me and I will get rid of them thus saving you the hassle. I can take any cymbals etc to my basement ( I mean the dump) for you to. No need to thank me I do it for community wellness.
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    Ming snare $125

    Yes please
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    My cymbals for Offers

    I will make a list
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    Do you like your beater hard or soft?

    I like the hard felt side of the double sided Tama Iron Cobra beaters. I play mostly metal so using the plastic side tears up the head twice as fast and the sound difference is minimal.
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    Black Beauty help please

    I have this Supra that I am moving along and man does it sound great. I can’t imagine anything sounding better but I keep getting told the Black Beauty is the pimp of metal snares so I’m going to find out.
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    Black Beauty help please

    That’s what I did and we’ll see. I am also considering a 14x8 I have a good line on but I will have to pull out the Stone Cold stunner on the wife if I do. Thanks for your help guys /girls.
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    Ex-Five Finger Death Punch Drummer Wants $25,000 for Tour Set

    Man I dislike that band. Third grade level lyrics aside.
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    Bass drum head swap?

    I did what I always do and Just bought what I needed. I will consider offers if anyone wants either or both of these.
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    Black Beauty help please

    I’m worried that first one might be a black magic?
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    Black Beauty help please

    Thank you I appreciate it.
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    Black Beauty help please

    Could someone who knows Ludwig good go to Guitar Centers used site and tell me which of the Black Beauty’s is the best to buy. I’m thinking the first two but I know squat. Thanks
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    which compact kit with 20" bass drum?

    I have played them both and the DW is built better and sounds better but not nearly enough to justify the cost difference. Get the Tama and a new cymbal or something else with the leftover cash.
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    SOLD Dream Bliss 18" Crash Ride $60

    These clean up really easy with non acidic cleaner or pledge if anyone is debating.
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    My cymbals for Offers

    Either all this stuff is worthless or I’m being to specific with my want list so I’m opening it up to offers. Did I do something nefarious I don’t know about? It has been crickets on my recent swap posts?
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    Bass drum head swap?

    I have this 22” Evans reso head And a 22” gloss black Aquarian reso Head with port I’m not using. I am in need of a 20” or 22” Remo black suede batter side head. A Evans Onyx or the Aquarian Equivalent works to. It’s a long shot but what the heck.