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    Welcome, Dumpy! I lurked on sites for about 6 months before diving in on this one and it’s a great place with fine people. The breadth of knowledge and willingness of people to help is wonderful.
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    Can Any Zildjmaster ID this Naked K Model?

    Deegeebee, mine definitely looks different than your example, which is a year younger, so now I am still curious all over again.
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    Which would you choose?

    I’m so glad you ignored all the other jokers on this thread and listened to me and got the Supra. ...congratulations and what size?
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    thoughts on jelly bean, lifesaver kits, popular or passe ??

    I like them and think, due to their inherent funkiness, they don't ever go out of style because they are never in style. I like sparkle jellies but prefer two tones, which I suppose aren't true jellybeans, like champagne/silver or red/blue or red/gold or blue/gold, but not red and green...
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    Gretsch USA Custom

    Every time I see those bass drum mufflers I want one if those kits.
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    Which would you choose?

    La Supra tambien.
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    Just got back from the worst concert in my life !

    I saw John Hiatt in a club and, as great as he was, the volume was so over the top and unnecessarily loud one could not really discern what was played.
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    My band

    Hey Houndog, nicely done! Only a year in? Lot of work went down to get all that together. When your singer said, “We’re going to feature our drummer....” I thought; This is not the setting for a drum solo, no. But you played a solid tom groove with taste integrated into the song. You even got a...
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    DW Shootout

    Thanks for posting. I would not have sought this out, so I watched this because, other than the Collectors series being at the top of the food chain, I didn’t really know the differences in these three lines. I’ve always thought the Design series was above the Performance in price. Of the...
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    Whats your favorite tool in your drumming toolbox?

    For me, the very basic world of RLRL or RRLL with varying dynamics.
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    Let's Talk About Big Drummers

    Ditto on Aaron Spears. With his girth and his groove—there is a gravitational pull.
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    Would you get your first kit back?

    60’s Ludwig Downbeat configuration in champagne sparkle? With certainty I can say I’d want it back. A few issues, though: I know myself and I’d be too worried about them to take them to gigs, and I can’t play drums in my condo, so they’d go directly to solitary confinement in a storage...
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    Rehab overbuffed cymbals?

    Whenever I get new hats, or any cymbal for that matter, I find it takes me a while to become accustomed to their nuances. Often cymbals I don’t like alone sound great with a band and vice versa. Of course you might have already spent your time with them, or simply know what you like faster...
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    How do we know which cymbal to hit? Instinct or not?

    First off, I play a one up/one down kit, and I’m not the star of the show. I have two cymbals, typically 20 inchers. One is a ride I can crash and the other is a crash I can ride. If the crash needs to be a big whole note or half note sort of thing, something that gives the cymbal time to...
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    Style of drumming you listen to vs how you play.

    What a great question, Drm1979. Over the years I’ve probably listened to more jazz than any other style, although I never play it. My bands have been pop, funk, or rock, in varying permutations. Why is this? What I lack in skill, speed and musicianship in my playing, I more than make up for...