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    WAY OT: My new built in grill

    That’s fantastic! You prolly have nice drums, too. I hate you.
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    Ella and Louis. and on drums ..: o

    That’s so not Slipnot or Kanye West.
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    My tastes are turning colors

    I’m with Fat Drummer on this….
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    Amazing Tama Suitcase Kit Demo!

    Unclear what this guy is saying, but I had no idea these little nesting suitcase kits could pack so much.
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    Considering Cymbal Pack K Sweet Zildjian

    I’m sort of in your boat. In my entire life I’ve only bought two brand new pristine cymbals. I see boxed sets as similar to decorating a room in one’s home all at once. I am more at piece by piece guy. But that’s me. If brand new is a scratch that must be itched— a bucket list scratch—a...
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    Argue/Vote for Next Snare

    To go with the timbre of the drums you have, I’d say the Canopus Oak. To go with the music you describe, the Legacy Maple.
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    Fair Gig - iPhone 13 Video

    Good work, Jefe! That recording sounds excellent for a phone.
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    Undecided between these two kits, please help me decide

    Both are going to work for you. If you play rock and eventually plan on gigging, the Yamaha bass drum is an inch deeper, which isn’t a huge difference but still might add a little punch in a pinch. I have a little entry level Tama I use as a rehearsal kit, easy to transport, and set...
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    For me, the 21” HHRBDR is one of those “must have” ride cymbals in the same way New Beats are “must have” hi hats. For amplified music in a live venue it’s just an all-rounder that brings good examples of ping or wash depending on where you hit it, and with a bell that wants to play the...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    13” Bosphorus Antique hats. Used them last night night for the first time. With new gear, I try to play it at least a month in different settings before I come to any conclusions.
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    So you think that you are a Rush fanatic? Check out this guy!

    I can’t come up with a comment, which is a first for me.
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    Upside down hats

    For me it was hearing the logic behind the Bellson/Zildjian collaboration in creating New Beats for a more pronounce “chick”—so that’s the tradition for me. Now that I’m older and more experienced, and maybe recalcitrant, I feel fine with flipping my hats to make them top heavy for more...
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    This is hard, and impressive

    Well if she doesn’t I can think of a few hands signals you guys can give in return.
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    QUEENSRŸCHE’s Rockenfeld Sues Over Dismissal from $$$ Triumverate

    Noted. Something tells me not to expect much intellectual nourishment from a website called But one ever knows so I’m saving that digital excursion for the next time insomnia hits.
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    This is hard, and impressive

    As long as she doesn’t start doing the James Brown, throwing up hand signals of how much your are being fined for mistakes.