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    Yes or No, Bass Drum Pillows

    My kick drums: 22x18 and 20x20 DW Collectors 20x18 Keller DW 24x16 80’s Tama Superstar 2 x 22x14 60’s Slingerland 20x14 60’s Slingerland All 7 have DW pillows in them when I’m playing mic’d shows, which is pretty much all I do nowadays. Playing a house show where I need to compete with amps: no...
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    Cymbal set at tonal opposite end of spectrum

    Tonal opposite of K Custom Dark would be Paiste Signature or Sound Formula, the latter of which you can find great bargains on used. I own sets of both K Custom Dark and Paiste Sound Formula for the very reason you're asking, tonal opposites.
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    Sweetwater Price Increase

    Interesting, I tried to get a deal out of my guy when I was doing a big purchase a while back and he basically blew me off and said that everything is already discounted. I still buy there out of convenience but it's never my first choice anymore.
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    1964 Slingerland white satin flame pearl set

    I have a white flame kick with a Sep 1964 stamp, the other drums in my kit are stamped 1966, seems to be factory matched though by the swirl pattern. Truly an amazing sounding kick drum that is several notches above my other 14x22 Slingys, not sure exactly why tbh! Great era for these drums...
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    Sweetwater Price Increase

    After waaaaaaay too much research and video comparison watching, I bought a 19" Zildjian K China on June 26 from Sweetwater for $354.95, they're now $374.95 so I got in just before the buzzer. Glad my waffling didn't come back to bite me! Rare that I buy new cymbals, I simply have had great luck...
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    Would you buy a new Slingerland kit?

    Also replaced a Zoomatic with a Trick and retroplate on my 60's COB Krupa a few months ago. I planned on bringing the drum on tour before Covid (far more replaceable than my wood Artist snares, and frankly better in a live setting for my band's style), and I absolutely require everything to be...
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    Would you buy a new Slingerland kit?

    I was a fairly local guy to the Niles factory growing up so I have a soft spot for Slingerlands. My first real kit was a Slingerland "Spectre", bought from Biasco Music in Chicago, which was one of the experiments they were doing in the 80's with "sonatube" shells, which were actually a rigid...
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    The One that "Got Away" - The Regret Thread

    Sold an Oaklawn Camco kit that I got cheap. It was recovered in a unique white marine pearl that had sort of pastel color highlights to it, like those old pillow candies, green, pink, blue. Wasn't in love with the finish, drums sounded good, especially the kick. I regret it more for the value...
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    Choose Your Endorser: YouTube Star or Stewart Copeland?

    I can't even hear her drums in the mix on that Evanescence cover, it's like air drums. And yeah kudos to her for getting out there and making things happen, but what % of that 25 million views are drummers as opposed to horny dudes looking at a girl drumming well in skimpy clothes?
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    Ear protection

    I've been playing drums since I was 12 (I'm 48 ) and I didn't really use full-time protection until I was in my 30's. Mostly used the foam beige plugs that claim a noise reduction rating of around "32dB". Last year I played Riot Fest in Chicago, and one of the artist perks involved a fitting...