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    K Custom Medium Ride 22"

    Looking for one of these on the lighter side (for this model), around 2600-2700g. Thanks a lot.
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    SOLD. Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash 16"

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    90s Gretsch Broadkaster (Jaspers) Burnt Orange, Gunmetal Die Cast 18/12/14

    Cool kit here. Nice demos and playing! In some of your other vids, you use a 22" Renaissance that was apparently modified by Jesse Simpson. Sounds great. What can you tell us about that one? Any specifics on Jesse's work?
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    SOLD. Zildjian Kerope 15" hi hats pair

    These are sold.
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    Any K Sweet 23 owners?

    From what I hear in demos, I like a lot of the tonal attributes of this model. Does anyone out there own one? I'd love to hear some feedback and impressions. Thanks a lot!
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    Gretsch Broadcaster vs. USA 22" Bass Drum

    The Broadcaster and USA toms sound quite a bit different, but we're talking about a kick drum. It'll blend fine. Dealing with small differences here, not drastic ones. Head and muffling choice will be more significant.
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    Tuning toms for OUT FRONT

    All that beautiful fundamental tone that we hear from the toms from behind the kit will never project exactly the same way out front. The toms are projecting upward, not outward. Hence, our perception that the toms sound thin from out front. We hear a lot more of the attack than the fundamental...
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    Premier Genista 90's. Some opinions needed

    No, they're UK. UK badge, and he also mentions it in comments.
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    Premier Genista 90's. Some opinions needed

    This is a great display of the sound of UK Genista drums, and the player, Sam Heard, plays some really interesting, tasteful stuff here.
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    Recommend me a Zildjian China

    Almost every Zildjian china I've ever played has had a quality of making me feel it would sound so much better if it were at least 100g lighter. Too much clang and not enough trash. They just tend to make them too damned heavy. That said, there ARE the occasional gems out there. I have a 19" K...
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    K light ride 22 for acoustic small group

    I had a 22 K Light briefly. Weighed around 2450g. It was nice but it was very skewed toward airy top end and not a lot of undertone warmth or body. Definitely a good cymbal, and fine for jazz, but not my particular sound.
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    Chick Corea has passed away

    I was fortunate to catch the Chick trio with Brian Blade and Christian McBride here in NY in 2019. What an incredible evening of the highest levels of musicianship on display. Chick's Inside Out album was a huge inspiration and revelation back in h.s. in 1989-90. The '70s recordings are plain...
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    What's your favorite snare drum?

    Right now it's my Gretsch SSB 4108. 5x14 aluminum. Very musical drum. 8 lugs gives it a nice openness and warmth, and the die-cast hoops allow for really chunky rimshots. Kind of like an Acro with a lot of added fatness. These used to be found for cheap years ago, but I see prices going up. Word...
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    SOLD. Zildjian Kerope 15" hi hats pair

    The 15" K Dark Thin Crash that was previously listed here has sold separately.
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    SOLD. Zildjian Kerope 15" hi hats pair

    Thank you! Much appreciated.