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    Tuning by ear vs drum dial rant...

    Number 1: Please, don’t call me lazy. I’ve tried to tune my drums by ear; when tapping to match lugs, when they get close, the second lug may sound higher than the first but when I tap in reverse order the other lug sounds higher. When I was 6 years old, taking steel guitar lessons I couldn’t...
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    What is it called if you hit the head (thinner end) of the stick to the rim of a snare drum?

    Yes, I've called it cross stick and play it a lot for Country Music. My personal preference is using the butt end of the stick on the rim for a more woody sound while others use the tip end or shoulder on the rim. I also have a Grove Wedge mounted on the side of the snare which seems to...
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    Catalina Special Edition 5-pc Shell Pack

    Yes, I wrestled with a 16x22 for years and feel the same as you. However the old kit will now be my practice kit. So I will be enjoying my 16x18 converted floor to bass and the new 14x20 for playing gigs. sherm
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    Catalina Special Edition 5-pc Shell Pack

    Nice kit; enjoy. I've played 16" toms with 18" bass drums and haven't had a problem. The way I look at is bass drums sound like bass drums and toms like toms. I can feel and hear a difference so I wouldn't worry about it. sherm
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    Finished my new snare storage solution w/my assistant.

    Nice setup, I'm sure your assistant was a big help. I think I agree with rubber shelf liner, would be good. sherm
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    Now THIS is a jazz kit

    Very enjoyable; thanks for sharing. sherm
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    Cover Tunes and original tempo (too slow?)

    Yes, and when you begin to feel the train wreak coming lock in with the bass man and it will pull together. You guys should be working together. I always say and learned a loooong time ago the bass is the metronome for the band and dancers dance to the drums. I think the dancers dance to the...
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    Cover Tunes and original tempo (too slow?)

    I think that happens with all musicians in general. Unless they are playing to a click device, which I despise but that's just me. I believe a true musician wants to feel the music as if their playing with their hearts. It doesn't have to be the exact tempo but a speed the audience can feel...
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    Portable Fan Recommendation

    I have the same thing only an older model and I really like that thing. It goes to every gig indoors or out. The fan inside is called a squirrel cage fan; they are a lot more efficient than a standard fan blade. At indoor gigs I'll set it off to one side and direct it over the band at most...
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    OT actors in movies that could never be played by anyone else

    I have to watch that movie EVERY TIME IT SHOWS ON TV. LOL sherm
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    OT actors in movies that could never be played by anyone else

    Yes and the list goes on. I've heard and read stories about actors and actresses that were originally asked to do a part but turned it down. Then I would think, I'm glad they did, I felt it would have been a different movie and feel it wouldn't have been as good as it turned out to be. And...
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    Two toms mounted on bass drum

    I'm not one for mounting two toms on a bass drum. My old kit came that way with two heavy toms and I could see the shell of the bass give so made the change many years ago. I don't have a hangup with the look and enjoy playing it that way. I like the smooth transition from rack to floor...
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    Downsizing for a while

    I've been talking about it for a while now and getting really close to re setting up my old 8 piece kit for my practice kit. And only using parts of it (4 piece) for tiny space gigs, if we ever get back to normal. Then use the new 5 piece kit for the bigger gigs. I remember the days when I...
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    Why are floor toms usually in square sizes?

    I don't the answers but just to chime in my late 80's Classic Ludwig's came with 12x13, 13x14, 16x16 & 16x18. Not square but almost except for the 16x16. Having trouble tuning the 12x13, I was about to order a matching 11x12. The salesman talked me into buying 10x12, saying it would be...
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    Let's take turns writing a drumming story.

    To Be Continued: