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    Is anyone buying or selling now?

    Like the last economic turndown, it's definitely a buyer's market (and I don't think it ever recovered to pre-2008 levels in the last 10-12 years). Buyers are rightly taking the gamble that some sellers need fast cash and offer accordingly. But as always, some items hold value better than...
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    Left hand wobble

    I relate to this a lot because it’s how I felt about my left. I never had any good advice from teachers along the way, it was sort of a “just keep doing it”. Hours and hours practicing and I’d still struggle with accuracy and control. Last summer I had a teacher give me some general pointers...
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    Is DFO Dying Out? ...Nope!

    Not that my presence was noteworthy, but the malware ads killed my participation. I check in every so often but got tired of having my browser redirected to some scam and the seeming accceptance of that as a new normal. Didn’t trade for another venue, realized I had more time to practice and...
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    This site is now causing a fake virus pop up

    Back with a vengeance this morning. Took me four tries to even get to reply. But thankfully there are three ads on this mobile page too, just none hijacking my browser this time. I dont browse on a desktop or laptop anymore and this is a pretty clear indication that ad dollars are the top...
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    This site is now causing a fake virus pop up

    Just had this happen on my iPad a minute ago - and Ive had the occasional iPhone malware ad too. Seems this is not much of a concern to site management? Weve gone a day with no response, and its hardly the first time that problems of this nature have happened. Its starting to strain the benefit...
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    How do you store your snares?

    I use the same type of shelving as repete for all my drum storage; mine is on casters (but that's usually just a simple mod). That shelving is inexpensive and durable, and as I found out when I downsized - has a good resale value.
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    Anyone Using iPhone Anytune App to Slow Songs Down for Practice/Learning?

    I use it all the time. Its absolutely an indispensible tool for me. I will admit that I use it more for guitar than drums, but its still a ridiculously powerful little app. I love the ability to slow down and set an AB repeat section. Also the ability to adjust pitch up and down is nice (and...
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    Answer to the 28" A&F snare...

    The 9000 series monster stand to hold up a single 6x8 tom is maybe the one thing too ridiculous for DWs own marketing.
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    Ludwig Hand Hammered black beauty

    Adding my voice to the chorus: its a hammered black beauty. I owned one and thats what it looked like. Own other Black Beauties - they look the same, just less hammered. No black beauty Ive owned is truly black.
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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Dealing with repetitive strain injuries must, must, must address the repetitive task first and foremost - in your case, keying. Trying to avoid dealing with that only will prolong and heighten the inevitable. I wentband saw a doctor and got a diagnosis of tendinitis in one arm and cubital...
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    2 Mics on snare

    I love it but I don't use a whole lot of it. My go-to is a Beyer m201 batter and either an SM81 or KSM141 snare side (usually 81). The snare side is just there to give a little top, and I usually come in way low with it. Just enough to put a little more point on the attack. I definitely use the...
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    Bohemian Rhapsody or Stairway To Heaven?

    Bohemian Rhapsody, all day, every day. Zep just doesn't do it for me at all.
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    Ugh. Anyone experienced a happy ending after a rocky shipping start?

    I've definitely had stuff like this work out. First thing - USPS priority scanning is spotty at best. I've had all kinds of packages just kind of drop off the grid for a couple days and then show up. I've had packages basically never get scanned and then miraculously pop into the system a few...
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    Steve Maxwell demos the new Dynasonic

    Man, I have been in a long run of not caring about buying any new snares, but this may break the dry spell.
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    OK, I know this is a drum forum but are there any ambient music listeners here?

    Eno is well represented and fantastic. Also check out the Brian Eno/Harold Budd album. Stars of the Lid (especially "And Their Refinement of the Decline" is possibly the strongest work in the genre in the last decade. There's also a lot of near neighbors in downtempo that can answer the call...