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    C&C Player Date II Kit Nevermind! Changed my mind!

    Oh gosh, that is a killer price! Love the individual lugs
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    Sonor Delite

    Very nice! Sizes?
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    Nice price on a set of craviotto-made bass drum hoops: Not mine.
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    SOLD!!! Istanbul Agop Set

    That is a very special price!
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    SOLD. Crescent Classic 21” Ride (Bosphorus Traditional) 2689 grams

    I’ll take it! Hopefully this should go well with Ride and hats I bought from you a couple years ago…
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    Do you still have the 16 bos paper thin crash?

    Do you still have the 16 bos paper thin crash?
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    Leedy Snare (14x10) (sold)

    There's a link at the top with photos and video. Man the birdseye on those grovers is gorgeous! Agreed they make some killer drums! However, I believe forum rules dictate you must put a price.
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    Yamaha MCA (silver sparkle) snare 14x5.5---SOLD!!!

    I think forum rules dictate you put an asking price on all for sale items…
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    Sabian Crescent 15" Fat Hats Stanton Moore) SOLD

    Very interested in the rides. Got weights? Thanks!
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    Hardware, accessories, parts DW Ludwig

    Super old, but any chance you still have those brass hoops?