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    K. Zildjian Istanbul Old Stamp IIIb 20" Ride

    This is an absolute steal for any bop drummer! The holy grail of rides!
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    Harvey Mason

    Hello friends. Does anyone know what size Pork Pie snare Harvey Mason uses on his left side? He played it on Chameleon and it sounds incredible. Thanks!
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    7th Annual Vintage Drum Garage Sale - Overland Park, Kansas

    Any Slingerland Studio Kings?
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    Slingerland Studio King hardware

    PM sent and thank you.
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    Slingerland Studio King hardware

    In need of Gibson era cymbal and tom stands for restoration project. Thanks!
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    Slingerland Bop kits

    Hmm. I didn't think so. Thanks for the info!
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    Slingerland Bop kits

    Does anyone know if Slingerland ever made a Lites kit in bop sizes?
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    Price Help Please - Slingerland “Studio King” 4 piece Nashville Edition

    I have a couple of Nashville kits. Great drums. I wouldn't let them go for under a grand. Nashville Slingerlands are hard to come by.
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    Fair price

    I'm looking into purchasing a Zlidian K. 20" ride from the late 50s early 60s. I played it and it sounds amazing. Any idea what a fair offer would be? No damage. Just a few rivet holes. Thanks
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    Slingerland Studio King

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    Gretsch solid walnut snare

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    Istanbul Agop OM

    It's got a unique sound. I'm digging it!
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    Istanbul Agop OM

    Thanks for the info!
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    Istanbul Agop OM

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a ride from Istanbul Agop, signed "Arman Sarkis". Just wonder if that is the signature from the cymbalsmith, and if it is common. Thanks for any info, Chris