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    Where the lefties/southpaws at???

    I'm a true lefty and play a lefty kit. My dad tried to get me to play right handed and my drum instructor tried teaching me right handed but it didn't stick. I'm glad I was taught as a right as it helps with ambidexterity. I think lefties usually do well with ambidextrous activities as we live...
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    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Mine is: spending $300-400 on a cymbal that looks and sounds like a trash can lid is stupid.
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    Endorsement vs reality?

    It would surprise me. It's common with guitarists and bassists. Geddy and Alex from Rush had their own signature instruments but would play a half dozen different brands during a live show. Most drummers have countless snare drums, most aren't from their endorsement company.
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    Hi Hat Cymbal Sizes...What's your preferred hi hats size ?

    12". I guess I'm contrarian, when everyone seems to be going to 15" and bigger, I went even smaller. I do love my 13" Paiste Dark Crisps, still use those as my x-hats. First professional-level cymbals I ever bought.
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    GMS Drums - still around ?

    I picked up a Revolution snare at Vic's in Chicago and it's phenomenal. I just wish I could have afforded to buy an entire kit from them. Anyone have any idea why DCP no longer carries GMS? They're not terribly far from each other and DCP seems to carry every boutique and niche drum maker...
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    DW to buy Guitar Center

    Way too much stock for a typical Guitar Center. :) At least the one back in Kalamazoo.
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    Rock Songs with Great Hi-Hat Work?

    Some more awesome Mark Zonder hi-hat work.
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    Rock Songs with Great Hi-Hat Work?

    Perfect Symmetry to A Pleasant Shade of Gray era of Fates Warning has great hi-hat work by Mark Zonder. I love the sound of his 12" hats.
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    Thoughts on DW drums!

    That's wild. I always assumed what I call the Big 3 in hardware: Pearl, Tama, and DW were making their own hardware. I would have never guessed that all of those brands were made in the same building.
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    Thoughts on DW drums!

    It was smart that Zildjian used Vic Firth to make their sticks, I still have negative perceptions of their sticks due to their quality issues from when I started playing in the 90's. I remember saving up for a brick of Eric Singer's sticks, which was some coin to a 14-15 year old and they were...
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    Thoughts on DW drums!

    Weren't the Sakae family or family who made Sakae making all of Yamaha's drums? If so, it would make sense that it wasn't a profit generator if they farmed it all out to another company.
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    Thoughts on DW drums!

    If you watched the profit, SJC tried this and if you listen to their episode on the Drum History podcast that they abandoned this similar concept once they realized that it was economically impossible. As much as I like "buying American" or buying from friendly countries and avoiding buying...
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    Thoughts on DW drums!

    I don't think anyone really has any disdain for them, I I do agree that they resurrected the American drum industry which was on life support in the 80's. Other than a few rock/metal guys playing Ludwig, ie: Alex Van Halen, Eric Carr, the industry was dominated by the Japanese in the 80's. If...
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    OT: How fat have you gotten since quarantine started?

    Geez, what part of NY? My coworker in Rochester said they've been back for a while. One of the beer league teams all came down with it in the Fall and they shut the rink down for two weeks to "clean" and try to figure out what to do. I came down with the Rona last month. Played in our Monday...