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    Concert toms wanted

    Hey folks - Looking for a pair of concert toms for my kid's 9th birthday. We're slowly working up his kit to match Dave Grohl's in his "Play" video (Almost done with cymbals - better shells will be last and probably not for a few years). We don't need high-end concert toms, but any decent 12"...
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    Tracking drums on a budget

    Great suggestions - thanks everybody!
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    Tracking drums on a budget

    Hey all - would love some suggestions for some basic drum tracking with limited gear. I've got a 2 input interface (Audient iD14), an sm57, a Beta 87a, and a nice large diaphragm condenser with a tube preamp I don't yet have a proper kick drum mic. I also don't yet have a USB mixer, so I at the...
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    Bass drum foot technique

    Love this thread. Drums are not my primary, but I'm having a blast trying to improve on them while my 8 year old learns. I'm definitely heel up (hi hat heel down - guess that's obvious?) But my struggle right now is with the Bonham style triplet kicks (doubles). I'm experimenting with a slide...
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    Acrylic snare tone

    I tried searching the General cat before posting this - but didn't see a very in-depth conversation. What are the impressions on acrylic snares? I confess that the aesthetics of snares like the DW seaglass acrylic have me drooling - but I'm interested in what the tonal characteristics are...
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    Acrolite shell sizes and similar snares (and NOB options)

    Ok - I promise this my last round of Acro questions, and then I'll stop pestering y'all. 1) I picked up an Acro with a serial of 2207779. Not all that important - but can anybody date this? The info out there makes my tiny brain hurt. 2) There's a rubber grommet on the throw off that's pretty...
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    Acrolite shell sizes and similar snares (and NOB options)

    Love that DW! One more question - I know there are a tone of threads here about hoops - TF vs S vs Die cast. I assue this Ok - I ended up grabbing a 70's acro from Musician's Friend for $149 Should I just live with it for a bit, or would it make sense to go for some S or die cast hoops...
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    Acrolite shell sizes and similar snares (and NOB options)

    Great info - thanks!
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    Acrolite shell sizes and similar snares (and NOB options)

    Apologies for these questions and thanks in advance for advice -- 1) I am seeing used (70's) acrolites listed at both 5 and 5.5" Is this just incorrect information, or did they make both sizes? Are there any particular vintages to avoid, or are they pretty consistent? 2) What would be some...
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    If Drum Kits Sound So Similar - Gretsch

    As a guitar player (drums secondary instrument) - I love these conversations. I have a good friend who is a tremendous guitar player with a deep understanding of gear and the quest for tone. He loves buying cheap guitars and amps and figuring out what that gear does and does not do well. Yes...
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    Intro fill into verse - Good Times Bad Times

    Now THAT's the feedback I'm looking for!
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    Intro fill into verse - Good Times Bad Times

    Thanks everybody - great input. I won't sweat the details!
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    Intro fill into verse - Good Times Bad Times

    Ok - I need some knowledgeable input here - and I suspect there might be differing opinions. Subject: Bonham's fill into the 1st verse of Good Times Bad Times. As you might guess, there aren't many youtube videos breaking this down very well. I think this lefty does a pretty good job (see from...
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    OT - What was the best "golden age" decade in music?

    For rock and pop, I've always thought 1971 was particularly prolific. Sure enough, a book came out in 2016 by David Hepworth, called Never a Dull Moment - arguing that 1971 was THE year for pop and rock. Doesn't matter if you agree or not, it's a really entertaining read.
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    Cheap pdp throwoff question

    Thanks for the tip!