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    Vintage Ludwig Project Sets and Drums

    I'm interested in the red sparkle 12" single tom.
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    Wanted: 2 Ludwig disappearing bass spurs

    Yes atomicdave. Well this if for a Ludwig ruby red standard kit I'm refurbishing but I think the same club date spurs.
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    Wanted: 2 Ludwig disappearing bass spurs

    Wanted: 2 Ludwig disappearing bass spurs
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    WTB: One Ludwig Standard Bass Drum T-rod and Claw

    Anyone have a single Ludwig standard bass T-rod and claw? Need one for a ruby red resto project I'm working on. Ruby Red hoop would be awesome too....but I'm sure that will be much harder to find!
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    60’s Ludwig Bop Kit. SOLD

    Wow Great Kit. If I had the $. Dumb question but wondering why the bass beater pad is on the top of the bass head. I mean I guess the head is spun around but even so then logo would be on top upside down. I guess personal preference? anyway drums themselves are incredible.
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    1966 Ludwig black diamond pearl Hollywood set.

    Nice kit. That's a 22" bass right? Also curious if there are any date stamps on the interiors? Thanks.
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    SOLD - Vintage 60's Ludwig tom set, 12" tom / 16" floor tom in red sparkle

    rewrapped in period correct Ludwig red sparkle wrap?
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    Where can I get 4 t-rods for Ludwig Standard snare?

    found these on eBay. I guess $4/per isn't a bad price. Says for Supra/SS but imagine they would be the same as for standard from same era, no?
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    Where can I get 4 t-rods for Ludwig Standard snare?

    Hey all. Been a while but back in the vintage game and currently restoring a Ludwig ruby red strata snare. It's missing 4 tension rods (2 inch) so I'm looking to get replacements. I see some (originals) on eBay but pretty $$. Maybe I'd go that route but anyone know where else to buy or...
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    Vintage Rogers Swivo-matic hi hat stand

    pm sent
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    Rogers Red Onyx 18" Floor Tom- PRICE DROP- $600

    Love Rogers Red Onyx. Someone will be very happy with that drum.
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    1966 Ludwig 16" Gold Sparkle Floor Tom

    Hi. What is the date stamp? Thanks.
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    SOLD! 1968 KB Acrolite

    PM Sent
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    care to share what it is?