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    Player drum love

    This sunburnt Slingerland set is currently the only one I own. The mint sets I've come accross usually get sold.
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    Large Amount of Vintage Drums that I don't know what to do with

    To the dump with it all! I just happen to own a truck large enough, so I'll haul it there for Jokes aside, I bet a local Craigslist listing will yield several interested parties. If you would like to know their approximate values, you'll need to list each drum individually with...
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    Found (locally)

    I'm game!
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    Found (locally)

    Would you be willing to remove it, or is the entire tom part of the deal? Thanks
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    Found (locally)

    I'd prefer an original.
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    Found (locally)

    Looking for a keystone badge for a 60's Ludwig bass drum. Let me know if you have a spare laying around. Thanks
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    How much does "Celebrity Owned" affect value?

    All helpful info. Thanks again gents.
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    How much does "Celebrity Owned" affect value?

    Aaron Sterling is kind of a heavy hitter. He's played with numerous artists. I've personally seen him on tour twice...with John Mayer. Anyway, I appreciate the insight from everyone that posted.
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    How much does "Celebrity Owned" affect value?

    I truly appreciate all of the responses. FWIW, the two drummers I mentioned are John Wicks (Fits and the Tantrums) and Aaron Sterling. I'll admit Sterling's association with the drums peaked my interest, but probably not enough to own the set for long. After mulling it over, I think I am going...
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    How much does "Celebrity Owned" affect value?

    Hello all, I recently came accross a modified/rewrapped Gretsch Roundbadge kit that was previously owned by two different notable drummers. I'm curious if obtaining empirical provenance would be worth the trouble? Does the attachment raise the value of an already modified kit, or just provide...
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    What color for vintage Ludwig bop kit?

    I'd say either black wrap or black lacquer for a bop kit. Stylish and timeless. It may take a little work, though.
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    Gretsch Stop Sign 4 pc

    Sweet little player there! That snare is a gem
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    *** SOLD ****It WAS a Snarepalooza... Now it's just a snare! Tama 6” X 14” Starphonic 6 Ply Maple Snare

    I have visited Micah and have seen his work up close --->His solids are on par with the best builders around and he doesn't charge an arm and a leg for them. GLWS
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    Happy Gretsch Progressive Jazz Day!

    I'm starting to sweat a little. Haha! Beautiful sets Spongebob!
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    Ludwig Jazzette bass drum or Timp Tom?

    I'm thrilled to see what you've done with it. Simply stunning! I think it's safe to say you answered my initial's a Jazzette now. Bop away my friend!