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    Post your cats!

    I have two. I've had two previously as well. Also owned a handful of regular domestic cats prior to that. They typically bond with one person in the house more than everyone else; will not be stopped being up high (counters, all shelves, top of doors, really); very energetic compared to typical...
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    Post your cats! This may be worth a look. There are purebreds on there that people give away because they don't realize the Bengal is a little more difficult and demanding than a regular cat.
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    Cymbal Pricing on Amazon

    I grabbed the other three of those at that price. I actually left one because I was feeling greedy if I recall.. lol
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    Craig Lauritsen 20 (Elvin) and 19 HSB ride pair ($750.00 shipped) (These are SOLD)

    Bummer I missed this over the weekend. Nice stuff!
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    ChromaCast Drum Bags

    Beato Pro 1's are rainproof and fire resistant. Lifetime warranty. Ahead is two years I think. I've had some that were used for 20 years without issue gigging. Battle tested- and you are supporting a sweetheart of a guy out of California (Fred, the owner).
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    SOLD - Leedy Multi Model Snare Drum

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    Gretsch Broadkaster snare mare!

    Dispute with your credit card at this point? Can you get a letter from a professional drum builder who can state this is inferior quality workmanship as a supporting document to your CC? I wouldn't let that be their answer.
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    Rescuing and pimping out my Leedy Broadway.

    Agree, but I have found some anomalies. Even late 20's Leedy snares were typically painted interior with wraps, but I have two wrapped ones that are natural inside from then. I also have a WMP Broadway 1941 with this same badge that is natural maple interior. This drum should be right before...
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    First ROGERS reissue drum set demo (Maxwells)

    I'll keep my Sakae Trilogy's, thank you.
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    Interesting changes to PayPal's Account User Agreement coming July 31st

    Can we consider just using Venmo for transactions here?
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    Can We Talk About Using Vintage Instead of Modern Drums in Live Settings?

    Getting a bit off topic, but it is why I love my Sakae Trilogy kit so much. Vintage type sound without hassling with the old hardware.
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    “Dragon’s breath”

    The extreme bow profile seems to support a much higher chance of having this sound imo.
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    Any update on the Leedy?

    Any update on the Leedy?
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    SOLD - Leedy Multi Model Snare Drum

    To the top.