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    Seller Etiquette on DrumForum

    Zero issues with Dogmanaut, and he likely gets a very cool drum. I really wanted it, and they rarely come up used. Without getting too specific, the seller asked me to wait while they decided if they wanted something of mine in trade, then sold it very shortly thereafter. Typing out the scenario...
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    Seller Etiquette on DrumForum

    I’m hoping they see this post to hopefully avoid repeating this behavior to another member.
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    Seller Etiquette on DrumForum

    I had an experience with a long-time member here that was troubling. They listed a snare drum for sale. I contacted first establishing I wanted the drum. We got up to the point where the seller requested my address to get shipping for a total price. They wanted to decide if they were going to...
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    Leedy Jade Green Time

    It's not bad, is it Rich? ;)
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    Leedy Jade Green Time

    I had to get a group photo together of all that green. 1920’s at its finest. I think it may be the coolest finish Leedy ever offered. Feel free to post yours!
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    7x13 angel segmented snare drum SOLD

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    How much does "Celebrity Owned" affect value?

    I’ve sold multiple drums for celebrity drummers of higher notoriety than those, and it didn’t bring really any extra. Cool factor though.
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    1920s Luddy standard all cleaned up

    Nice! Such cool drums. I’m fortunate to have 8-luggers in 4x14 and 5x14.
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    1920's Wooden Air Grommet - Leedy Ludwig

    Trying to complete a 20's Leedy snare drum. Thanks
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    6.5X14 1930's Ludwig Pioneer NOB. How to get more snare response out of this drum???

    This. :thumbup: Many of these old tube lug drums are easy to under-tighten because of how they "feel" when tensioning them up. If Chad Smith can use one of these cranked up on a lot of the tracks on Blood Sugar Sex Magik with success, then so can you. (careful, not too tight on the vintage hoop...
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    Amazon deals thread $131 for this Protection Racket set.
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    Amazon deals thread

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    What is Up With Drum Companies/Dealers Not Emailing/Responding Back to Potential Customers Lately?

    Sounds like you should only do business with those that email you back. Buy a Pork Pie, solved.
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    Oops, we ran into some problems error banner

    It pops up every move or page change I make on this forum as of yesterday. Any fix?