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    Keller maple 7x12 shell

    Alternately, I could cut my 12x8 down 1/2 an inch on each edge. But, I feel like my lugs may then be a bit too close to the rim (and look off next to the other drums). Anyone have any experience doing anything like this?
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    Keller maple 7x12 shell

    Tom, actually. I want to get my 12x8 lower. Same height as my 8x7 and 10x7.
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    Keller maple 7x12 shell

    Anyone happen to have an unfinished 7x12 Keller maple 8 ply shell (with bering edges cut) laying around that they want to sell? I typically get my shells from Drumfoundry, but their site seems to be down. i am in WA. Any advice on where is a good place to get shells in this area?
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    Yamaha 600 hardware pack question

    I am trying to decide between buying these hardware packs...
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    Tama Soft Sound Rings?

    Anyone have any experience with Tama Soft Sound rings? I am considering spending some cash on RTOM Back holes for my kit. the Tama rings are a bit cheaper/simpler. Looking for some insight prior to the purchase...
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    Attack Drum Heads Fusion Lot 12 heads - 8, 10, 12, 16 inch heads

    Anyone want to test Attack heads, I did. These are slightly used (just to see if I liked them).
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    16" HHX Evolution Crash

    This is a mint cymbal at a great price:
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    Benny Greb Bass Head?

    OK, so I went with Benny's recommendation on all my toms as well. Coated Emperor on the batter and coated Ambassadors on the bottom. Now, I was a bit worried about my 8" inch tom sounding choked out with a double ply coated on the top and a coated on the bottom. Prior to this config, I had...
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    Benny Greb Bass Head?

    I went with the Ambassador. It sounds amazing.
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    Wuhan Cymbals

    I have a china 16". It is the best china I have ever found. It was ridiculously cheap. I have never found a Sabian, Zildjian that I have liked. I have always come back to the Wuhan china. Makes sense. Get your China's from china.
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    Benny Greb Bass Head?

    That is great. Thanks. That is on the Batter Head. I should have been more speicific in my question. I was asking about his reso bass head. Is his reso a Diplomat or an Ambassador?
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    Benny Greb Bass Head?

    Does anyone know if Benny Greb uses a Fiberskyn Powerstroke 3 in an Ambassador or Diplomat?
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    Good Cymbal Suggestions to pair with a Sabian Big and Ugly Phoenix 22" ?

    I got it a few days ago. Love the cymbal, but believe it or not, the 20 inch Legacy is a lower pitch than the 22" Phoenix. Ug, so I am selling it. I am going to go with a 20" Apollo ride. Here is the link if you know anyone that is interested:
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    Sabian 20" HHX Legacy Ride Cymbal

    Just bought this one online. But, it is not quite the right pitch to blend with my other cymbals. So, it is yours for a great price!