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    Favorite groove drummers.

    Yuval Gabay - check out his grooves with Soul Coughing. Some of the best groove playing ever - regardless of genre...
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    Anyone remember Night Music with David Sanborn?

    I remember running into Omar at Tower Records around the time that they were shooting that show... Here's the new version - "Sanborn Sessions" trailer: A modern reimagining of the cult-classic music show “Night Music” — described by Nashville Scene as “the greatest music show you never...
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    The Great Steve Gadd - Please recommend his best tracks.

    Tom Scott - Instant Relief from the Apple Juice album... Funky Gadd, great solo...
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    A Few 22" Rides Comparison

    Ok - next time I'm in my studio I'll peel off a quick sound file!
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    A Few 22" Rides Comparison

    It was a custom order - it weighs 2654g. I haven't heard it in a long time, I should bring it out again...
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    A Few 22" Rides Comparison

    Thx Tom - I liked the SCDR... I have a Legacy Heavy -21" actually - too icy sounding. I also have a SCDR and it better...
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    How do you NOT lose your drum key?

    I'm still using the same DW Hi-Torque drum key for about 20 years. It lives in the outside pocket of my stick bag and on a gig it's in my front pocket. It always goes back to the same place and it's a big key, so it's a little easier to keep track of.
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    Guess the drummer (no Google look ups either)

    Looked it up - good hint!
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    Guess the drummer (no Google look ups either)

    I thought Gary Chester too.
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    Cast/thick metal snare shells in shorter depths

    I have a Keplinger - 5.5x14 - it sounds like a 6.5! I didn't hear a shallow 4x14 Keplinger until recently and it sounded really good.
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    Rodney Holmes

    Hey Nacci - I've been listening to Rodney since his days with Jean Paul Bourelly - NYC late 80's. Amazing power trio with Reggie Washington on bass (brother of Kenny Washington). Rodney was pretty unknown back then, so he was from another planet when we saw him play. When he got the Santana...
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    Duluth Bronze, Eight or Ten lugs?

    I'm also an 8 lug fan, but I can see why you're still deciding for this particular drum. In the end. I think 8 will still be good...
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    OT: Spring = time for tinkering with bikes :)

    Wow, that's interesting - It's been a contention In NYC too. They're very dangerous, not just due to speed, but most of them disregard all rules of the road. They aren't allowed on the promenade - which is a bike/runner path along the river - but they go anyway and are a big nuisance...
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    Favorite 14x20 head combo?

    I have a 14x20 DW with an Evans EQ4 Frosted batter and DW stock reso/no port. The drum is wide open, tensioned up medium and I usually don't bury the beater. I played Emads when they came out, but prefer the EQ heads because I can get more volume and natural tone out of the drum.
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    When Playing HH do you play on the top or the edges

    Edge-Top, Edge-Top, Edge-Top, Edge-Top...