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    2-piece Ludwigs: Where to start?

    5” and 6.5” are my favorites
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    ‘60s WMP Progressive Jazz

    14x20 8x12 14x14 • Bass drum and rack tom are three-ply, floor tom is six-ply • No internal paper tags • Bass drum missing the Pratt muffler • Bass drum hoops may have been repainted • One bass drum spur has an unoriginal wing nut • Toms have some...
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    Looking primarily for LA era kits.
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    (2x) Ludwig black Acrolite 5x14 for $159

    two good deals
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    6.5 Supra shell

    Long shot, but looking for just a shell with a badge . 60s and 70s preferred, but would take a BO 80s. Thanks!
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    SOLD: Leedy Reliance 5.5x14 Brass Snare

    Where are you located
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    Slingerland Vintage Maroon Pearl?

    Yes we can read. Considering how many items you have active for sale at any given time, that’s not much.
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    Slingerland Vintage Maroon Pearl?

    All these sold items with so little feedback
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    SOLD 14" New Beats

    I will take these. Pm sent
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    Rare vintage quadruple bell(Ludwig?)

    Any interest in a 24” tackle bag, brand new?