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    Wanted: Leedy three-point strainer

    I'll take just the body or the whole thing if you have it. nickel is preferred. Thank you.
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    Rogers r360 18-12-14 shells

    They also might be 380. Lots of extra holes in the bass. Drums have all been covered in white laminate which comes off pretty easily. Floor Tom needs new edges. Would make a nice bop kit if you have the time and the parts. $75 plus shipping. Pics available upon request
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    WMP Gretsch progressive jazz for starlight PJ

    Late 50s progressive jazz in wmp for a starlight pj. I can pay shipping both ways.
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    Ludwig Black Cortex drums

    It's catalogued throughout the 70s as "black cortex", not "black wrap." I'm looking for specific 70s drums in original black cortex, not drums that were rewrapped with black wrap, to be clear.
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    Vintage Ludwig snare up for grabs on CL - worth it?

    Those are great drums.
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    Ludwig Black Cortex drums

    Thank you for your concern
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    WTB: Lemon Strata Bass drum

    20" or 22". Thanks
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    Ludwig Black Cortex drums

    Cortex is just another word for wrap
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    80s Sonor Signatures

    22-13-14-16 looking for a Johnny era crav kit. Located in Pa
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    Ludwig Black Cortex drums

    Looking for 3-ply — need a bass and a rack Tom. Either a 13 or 14 rack, or a 22 or 24 bass drum. Thanks!
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    Camco parts

    Looking for 10 t handles and claws and one bass drum lug. Thanks
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    Premier 12" Pre international (metric) die cast hoop

    havent heard from flatworms
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    Premier 12" Pre international (metric) die cast hoop

    Last thing I need for this project. Thanks!
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    Wanted: Two Remo 12" Pre International heads

    Would like to have one one semi clean one for the resonant side of the 12" on the kit I'm working on. Other side would just need to be playable. Also open to buying any new ones folks have so I don't have to wait on remo. Thanks!