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    Anyone use Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0 on a Lacquered Drum?

    I didn’t really worry about swirls much, it had enough swirls already. I used it to knock down the big scratches a bit and then hit it with a coat of wax. Good enough, it’s a players drum and you can’t really tell from 6 feet or so. Next up - probably going to get the hoops repainted. The...
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    setup for 10 year old drummer to play to music

    I don’t know if this will work for you but here’s what I’ve been doing for years. Get a small cheap mixer, used is fine. Get an inexpensive microphone and cable and a cheap boom stand for the mic. Put the mic over the drums. Plug the mic into the mixer then plug the computer into the mixer...
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    Vintage Tama Hi Hat stand

    Yes with the brown top! I’ll have to check the model number next rehearsal.
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    Vintage Tama Hi Hat stand

    That's a blast from the past. I bought that hi-hat stand w/legs, the Camco style pedal, one of those boom stands w/counter weight, a straight stand, a snare stand and a throne (at the time, the best throne on the market) back in 1985. I still have all of them. The throne is in my bands practice...
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    Anyone use Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0 on a Lacquered Drum?

    I just picked up a Yamaha bass drum in Piano Black that's got a lot of scratches. I have a tube of Meguiar's Scratch X in my auto cleaning toolbox and I wondered if anyone has used this on a lacquered drum? Thanks, JH
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    Rogers b&b bass drum lugs replacements

    Now, now lets not be too harsh on JP. I find him to be quite helpful. Here’s the ‘65 Slingerland Artist he helped me with. Rebuilt Zoomatic strainer, new muffler and he straightened the snare butt. Not period correct but it’s a players drum . JH
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    Favorite brushes

    Vater retractable
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    Any Drum Equipment Under the Tree?

    K Custom Hybrid 11” Splash. Blends well with my 80s crashes and just a bit of trash. And GC Black Friday price! JH
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    Zildjian Black Friday deals

    Walked into GG today and the 11" K Custom Hybrid still had the Black Friday tag on it. They said NP, you can have it for that. Steal! JH
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    OT: Headphone Advice

    Here’s another vote for custom molded in-ears. Doesn’t matter how loud the guitars crank it up I’m still at half volume for the monitor level. I also have the custom molded ear plug for when there’s no monitor system. Best 600 bucks I ever spent. JH
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    Anyone Here Play Vibes?

    I have a v1 Malletkat and a late 60’s Japanese student vibraphone that I’ve been slowly rehabbing for the last couple of years. There’s a slight warp to the frame that I’d like to get out. I also need new felt for the damper, the one on there now is too tall. If anyone knows a supplier I’m all...
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    Throw-off location while snare is on stand.

    Throw off at 9:00, head logo at midnight. Always. Except my Sonor Safari snare where I put the head on upside down. JH
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    Are Drum Cases Necessary?

    No drum leaves my house if it’s not in a bag. I’ve plied too much work and money into them to do anything else. In storage same thing, but that’s because I’m lazy. I don’t have to dust them. JH
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    Anyone try the Tama SLP Snares?

    Nothing in particular, just looking out for any possible issues with it. I did really want to see one first but nobody local has one. I almost pulled the trigger last month but I snagged a '65 Slingerland Artist at a good price and spent a few weeks rehabbing it. Now I'm just waiting for a Black...
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    Apple Watch and drumming

    Yes, practice and rehearsal always give me extra steps. I don’t know how it counts steps but I just look at my totals and grin. JH