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    Slingerland bass drum leg suggestion

    Bass drum anchor
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    Thinking about busking.

    Most of it goes in the suitcase. I have a backpack snare bag. Suitcase on the seat. Wear the backpack.
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    New or Old?

    The head fit thing is real. Try to check before you buy. That said, I’ve had a set that required a rubber mallet to get the bass head off! There are ways around it. Splitting the rim, over size heads. The vintage stuff does have a different feeling. That said, I’ve owned RB, SSB (multiple) New...
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    Let’s see your Luxor and Powertone snares!

    The $5.00 project Luxor.
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    Let’s see your Luxor and Powertone snares!

    No pic of it by itself. Here's one of my Luxors. I've got another I'm working on that's just a wreck. Rusted, brush painted black. But, it was complete, the shell's fine. $5.00 at a yard sale. Think it's gonna get the "rat rod" approach.
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    Thinking about busking.

    That was on my Honda ACE Tourer. Currently using my Vespa Gran Tourismo.
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    Dw Slingerland speculation for fun

    They Did pretty well with the Classic series. Pretty much modern Radio Kings. A real bargain if you scored a set of PDP American Vintage. Made in Oxnard, same shells. Around a thousand.
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    Let’s see your Luxor and Powertone snares!

    I’ve got two Luxor’s awaiting restoration. I’ll have to get on it. Sounds like I’ll like them!
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    Thinking about busking.

    Did some busking with my surf gig, “The Dentures”. Used my suitcase kit. Showed up for gigs on my motorcycle! We had Jon Anderson of Yes come by and roped him into singing. Wooly Bully and Gloria. Said he’d played with Bill Bruford, he’d played with Alan White, but never with someone kicking a...
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    Bruno the Conqueror snare!

    The return of Bruno
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    Bruno the Conqueror snare!

    Starting work on this one. Came with a set of Club Dates. Actually a pretty heavy steel shell, not the usual generic. Might sound pretty good with some tweaks. Thinking coated Emp to tame it some. Anybody got info?
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    Show us YOUR hat ..... :)

    No hair, so I need one most of the time. Fedora or Panama preferred......
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    bj wilson

    Simple sister live cut. A fav tune. Interesting he’s reversing the toms, bigger first. Ala Mick Fleetwood/ Kenny Arronoff.
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    In Honor of the DW Acquisition, Lets See Your Slingerland Drum Pics!

    My first Slingerlands. 1972. Double 24” basses!!