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    Price Lowered / Mapex Saturns 12/16/22 $400

    One of the best sets made. Somebody really should grab these. I’m on the wrong coast, not playing because of the shut down. BTW, I’ve got what should be the correct tom mount for them. Yours for the price of shipping.
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    been on a Jim Gordon kick lately

    Was lucky enough to see him with Traffic. A favorite band with a favorite drummer. What a tour! Also got to see DB&F. Some Benefits of being an old fart!
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    Use snare as a tom? - help

    My favorite when I’m trying to pull the lowest pitches out of a shallower drum has been either a black dot(preferred) or coated Emp reso.
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    Cymbal Tilter/mount found

    Ok. Found.....
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    Cymbal Tilter/mount found

    Yes. I could fix it. How much and how to pay you? Thanks, Bill
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    3 Floor tom leg mounts

    Generic leg mounts. Brand new, still bagged! Fits vintage style legs. I ended up with a double order. $15.00 shipped conus Bill
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    Cymbal Tilter/mount found

    Hi all! Got a vintage Slingerland stand missing the tilter. Something like the picture. Doesn't have to be Slingerland, I'd find a way to make almost anything work. Anybody got something?? Thanks, Bil l
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    Downsizing for a while

    Between the Covid closedown, retirement and moving next year, cleaning things out. One do-it-all, easily stored, versatile set. Keeping my 10/13/20 vintage orphan Gretsch/Ludwigs. Favorite cymbals. Everything else going. Sold a bunch last week. One set, three snares left to go!
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    Time to move on?

    Family all up there. Wife wanting play grandma. And yes, I am a bikie, kayaking type....
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    Time to move on?

    Nevada City Actually has a pretty active music scene! Even an active ukulele group. And yes, I play that as well.But it’s small venues.If I have to store by Drums in the garage to wherever we move, I’m afraid the weather will be rough on the pearl wrapping. It would be an absolute crime to mess...
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    Time to move on?

    Pretty much there myself. The Covid thing is close down any gigging I can foresee in the possible future for me. Planning on retiring next year, and moving to the Sierras. So I’d be starting all over again, if I can find a gig. Sold my Roland practice it this weekend. Just no need for it. If...
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    Very thin sticks cause me physical stress

    Vic Firth Teardrops! I’ve tried smaller sticks and like them a lot, but my arthritic hands hate the small size. Bigger sticks are just easier on me. I seem to be able to play the same volume no matter what, so it doesn’t really matter to me.
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    Slingerland rim and heads

    If you take the pile, $20.00 plus shipping
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    Slingerland rim and heads

    Cheap. I have no use for them. Shoot me a silly offer.
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    Slingerland rim and heads

    18” sticksaver rim. 1964 vintage. 18 & 16 inch heads.