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    Lightweight, Small Kit Needed

    I use a Pearl Rhythm Traveler bass drum with a pair of timbales (one DW piccolo tom and a Pearl flat timbale), either 10 & 13 or 12 & 13 or sometimes just with one (12). It's the simplest, lightest, easiest-to-schlep kit I've ever had. Works great for small gigs, jams and rehearsals.
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    Where/how did the "dead drum sound" of the later '70s begin?

    That's absolutely correct. With no mic's on the drums back then, you were basically forced to remove the front head on the bass drum (or cut out a huge hole) if you wanted it to be heard, otherwise you couldn't compete sonically.
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    Where/how did the "dead drum sound" of the later '70s begin?

    An even greater achievement than that, in my opinion, is the fact that Jimmy played the cowbell part on Honky Tonk Woman.
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    Tempus shell bank and Crush red acrylic kit for sale due to health issues....Local NJ sale

    Big shout out to Drummer Bill! He agreed to sell me his Tempus drums so I traveled up to New Jersey yesterday to pick them up. There were ten in all: 20 & 22 bass drums; 8,10,12 rack toms; 14 & 16 floor toms; two snares; and an 18 undrilled shell w/ matching hoops to be made into a bass drum...
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    Question: Side Kick drums?

    It's an 18 Paiste gigabell ride; I use that when I'm playing rock (the toms and kick are mic'ed). When I'm playing jazz I use a Sabian prototype 18 raw bell ride & a black label Paiste 18 flat ride.
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    Question: Side Kick drums?

    i have a Pearl Rhythm Traveler bass drum (8x20) that I use with the toms from the Yamaha Stage Custom Hip (5x10 and 8x13 floor). While I believe you CAN use the standard Yamaha single tom post, it would put your tom fairly low. I personally use the longer post version, which gives me greater...
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    Famous or touring drummers who use only edrums for large venues?

    From what I gather, he's mainly playing acoustic drums now, but I did like the sculpture of that Yamaha rig - very swoopy. Should be in a modern art museum.
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    Famous or touring drummers who use only edrums for large venues?

    That was Jonathan Atkinson. He used a couple of different e-rigs with Howard Jones. Visually I think the trapKAT looks boring but the Yamaha/dauz rig looks spectacular. If you're using an e-rig, why not take advantage of how unusual and cool you can make it look instead of pretending it's an...
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    You can only have one choice. Right now, which is your favorite kit you own?

    This used white fiberglass Tempus kit was (and still remains) my favorite kit. I bought it used. It was going to be my beater kit because it had some extra holes drilled in the bass drum (but filled in) and was scratched in a few places, but it had a massive sound for its small size (16x20 bass...
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    Larrie Londin

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    All you need is your sticks, and a pedal if you want

    I didn't know that a splash cymbal was so essential in country music.
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    Audix D6

    +1 on the D6. After my AKG D112 died a couple of years ago, I went online and checked out a lot of other bass drum mics and decided on the Audix D6. It's essentially a plug-and-play mic you don't have to fool around with, which is important to me because I'm electronically stoopid and I don't...
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    What's Your Gig Kit?

    Calling $999 "sub $1K" is slicing things pretty thin. As far as I know the AQ2 and the AQX vary in their respective woods (Canadian & Chinese maple vs poplar) and in the fact that the AQ2 rack tom has a suspension mount of sorts. Everything else about them seems pretty much the same, and to my...
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    What's Your Gig Kit?

    Sonor AQX bop ($490) or Sonor AQ2 bop ($1,000)...