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    Delbert's the real deal - great songwriter and singer
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Currently rotating three: Kind of Blue (Miles Davis, 1959), Friends (Chick Corea, 1978), Vault (Def Leppard greatest hits compilation, 1980-95)
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    Tama single tom post

    looking for a Tama single tom post, model MTH900B.
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    Tama Silverstar 10 tom

    Looking for a Tama Silverstar 8x10 tom in sky blue sparkle
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    Tony mystery

    At 6:36 - anyone have any idea what that black thing on Tony's bass drum is? Almost looks like an xlr plug to me.
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    Drums for Quick Gig

    This gets me by in tight spots: Pearl 8x20 rhythm traveler bass drum w/ snare & 12" DW piccolo tom; 18" ride & 13" hats + cowbell & jam block. (Sometimes add an LP compact conga if the situation warrants it.)
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    Leading with your left and open handed playing...

    ............................................................................................................ The point of the Tony quote was to remind us all to get out of the technical weeds and realize that making music should be our collective goal and not overly concern ourselves about how...
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    DRUM! Magazine DONE! Magazine

    I was right there with ya until 2013 when I finally bailed - it was onesy-twosey after that. Tossed most of them in 2015 when we were getting ready to move. I loved MD in the mid-80s; downhill after that.
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    Leading with your left and open handed playing...

    Yes, you are harsh (while not seeming "sorry" for it at all), but maybe your biscuit got burned because of errors on my part, not this instructor's approach. To try to pour some water on this fire, I went back to him to clarify his approach. This was what I originally said: A local drum...
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    Cerakoted bells

    Nice! Would love to have that done on some of my bells.
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    Bill Burr on drums and Tony Williams

    I knew that one of my favorite comedians, Bill Burr, messed around a little bit on the drums but never knew he was this serious about it. Check out what he has to say about Tony Williams. And practice kits. And mini-kits. And e-kits. Hysterical.
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    Leading with your left and open handed playing...

    A local drum teacher who teaches students of all levels/abilities told me that if he has an absolute beginner (who is right handed), he teaches them open-handed/matched grip/left hand lead on a righty kit from the get-go. It makes more sense in the long run. And all you have to modify in your...
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    Upper Tier Snares and the Veblen Effect?

    This is probably the most insightful, intelligent, and best written post I've ever read on this forum covering any topic. Kudos.
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    Joey - muy caliente

    Another example of why Joey Heredia is a mean machine. The whole thing cooks, but check out minutes 31-41 for some serious stuff.
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    Anyone running 10x9 and 13x9 for rack toms?

    You'd be in good company; Dave Garibaldi uses a 10-13-16 combination.