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    Why do we buy vintage drums vs modern drums?

    I can honestly say I've never really wanted a vintage kit in my 58 years of drumming on the kit. I've owned over 30 kits from 13 brands in that time. Never became a slave to a particular brand of drums. A slave to 800 and 900-Series Yamaha hardware from the get-go, regardless of drum brand I...
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    OT: Anybody on here fish?

    Used to snorkel into the Chesapeake for Blue-Crest Crab on my non-gigging free weekends. Once a month. Camp out and my sisters and I'd eat it all up. Mesquite was 'imported' from Arizona for our grills. We had a special spot where in three dives I'd come up with about seven to ten...
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    OT: Anybody on here fish?

    Sorry to hear about your side-lining, dude. Came down with Bell's Palsy again. I'm on my third week with my 2nd bout. Last time was in 2012. I'm looking up for auditions to any super-hero films. I want to be "Dead-Face", Taliban hunter. On the fishing, I used to do a ton of it back in...
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    Of all things, a hardware rant

    Yamaha's HexRack for my home kit. 900-Series for my gig kits. Regardless of the 13 brands of drums I've owned over the last four decades, Yamaha has been my choice of hardware. The weight of hardware has never bothered me at all. On my home kit I don't even use the snare stand's legs, just...
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    OT - Incredible Clarinetist

    Woody Herman is probably rolling in his casket!! Beautiful syncopation and killer sustains! What a range! Leave it to that Naw-lins flavor! Totally magical! Thanks for posting this!!
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    Pearl Masters or Natal Walnut?

    Both those kits are mighty purdy!!
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    Convince me which DAW I should get into

    What's your take on the Presonus Channel Strips? (Besides the meter-light going out after a year on some of mine. Not to mention no front power switch.) I've got a few that do good for me. I like that they have a decent Pre-amp, compressor and EQ without need for a board like my Soundcraft...
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    Convince me which DAW I should get into

    Studio One, the cheapie. Good support too. It was given to me free. Also looking into Audacity. Microphones to Cloudlifters and/or Presonus Channel Strips and/or SoundCraft MFXi-16 or Tascam M24 and into I'm PC. Also have a pair of Tascam SD-20M recorders. As basic as I can get. Old dude...
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    New on Netflix: "Count Me In" Drummer Documentary

    I enjoyed watching it. Some pretty cool perspectives on drumming. Especially loved seeing female drummers included.
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    Whiplash movie

    Saw bits and pieces on the net. Didn't call me. But I enjoyed watching Netflix's presentation of "Count Me In".
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    Ot best marriage advice I’d wish I’d seen 35 years ago

    "You wanna be me? Look at your mother, wasted on those drugs! Is she still alive? Then don't ever be stupid enough to pork a girl into having a baby! Even after foolishly getting married! Stay single, stay free! Like your freedom? Then don't ever get married or pitch in making a baby...
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    Ot best marriage advice I’d wish I’d seen 35 years ago

    Congrats!! Anybody who can rein in 7 wives and live to talk about it is a KING!!
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    Why I DON'T Miss Playing Live

    Yeah, buddy!! Back in my Dark Ages I filled in for an established Tempe/Mesa Motown cover party band whose drummer got arrested for not settling on his driving citations, he made his bail, but was not released and re-arrested for not making his probation visits on a Pot charge. I had dated...