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    Did you learn to play drums by ear?

    I was fortunate. I used to bang away on trashcans and anything that made a good sound. My first drum set was the family's '57 Chevy. I was two, I'm told. I'd wait outside tethered to the gas meter until my father came home on my 1957 Chevy wagon drum set. Then I'd get tethered to the door...
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    Did anyone ever play in Marching Bands?

    Did all four years in my high school's Marching 100. There were only 88 members from among a student body of over 3000. Our high school band was a collection of private schools and the district's undesirables and rejects. 90% of whom came from mighty financially-healthy families. The rest came...
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    "Do You Feel Like We Do?" Peter Frampton

    Peter's "Comes Alive" album is one of the very few greatest live performances of a master ever! Not even the Beatles could top that!
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    Hats that sound the same, but shouldn’t?

    There's a probability that your hearing is flawed.
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    What is the "hands down" best sounding Ludwig snare?

    The absolute best-sounding Ludwig snare drum is always the one you don't have! The next best one is the one you currently have, followed by the one Ludwig has yet to make.
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    OT: Bill Murray Top 3 Favorite Movies

    Groundhog Day. I liked him much better as the band's keyboardist on Alan Thicke's "Thick of the Night" television show. He's bloody brilliant on the keys!
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    Would you buy a bass drum that is 1/4 inch out of round?

    Don't sweat it. I've owned a few that were worse because the previous owners removed the resonant side and had heavy toms mounted. Just make sure you seat the head with good weight centered as possible. Put a good pile of books while you tighten the rim using a scrap head. Get it nice and tight...
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    Do you prefer Lacquer or Wrap for your kits and why?

    In almost six decades of drumming and owning over thirty kits in that time, not once did I ever consider the size, color, finish, wrap or brand name when purchasing. From Ames to Yamaha and many, many in between, only my ears has made every choice. Finally, for five decades I've always had a...
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    Worth having 2 kits ?

    A second set is always a welcome. Nothing beats having a work set (with cymbals and all including a 2nd snare) all cased and ready to go at short notice. The trophy set always stays home and never leaves my living room. Even if the venue had it's own kit, I always had mine always in the van. I...
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    Help with New Kit

    Go with a Yamaha Tour Custom kit. They will rival and beat just about anything out there when it comes to tuning range. My Nephew has a Tour Custom in Natural finish. I like beating on them more than his over-price-for-what-you-get DW Collectors. (They put the DW's to shame!) He'll be selling...
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    DW to buy Guitar Center

    DW is offering a new line of drum finishes, Rhino-lined drums coming to a dealer near you!
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    Working Past Gear Acquisition Syndrome

    The girl I was gonna marry was a great pianist, violinist and a drummer. Cancer got her. She introduced me to the music program at Norfolk State University.
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    Working Past Gear Acquisition Syndrome

    The only times I got GAS was when I ate my step-mom's cooking. Her grub would gag a buzzard in a gut-wagon! As for acquiring gear, I would do so when going on a tour. Always sold off every kit after a tour. Kept my hardware and cymbals, of course! I liked the feeling of going on a tour buying...
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    Bongo advice

    Those are killer too. Especially with big soft mallets!
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    Thoughts on 24" Ride Cymbals

    Ever use a condenser shotgun mic on a ride? Great separation! I use a Rode NTG3 on my 24" Istanbul ride from above facing to my background greatly isolating any ride cymbal. I use another NTG3 combined with a Audix D6 on the bass drum when I record myself. The snare and hats are grabbed by...