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    Who plays/played K custom dark rides?

    My 20” Dark Custom ride at 2262 grams is the ride I keep going back to for big band and jazz medium volume work.
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    The "graveyard" subforums

    You didn’t look far enough. It’s under Racks and Other Hardware.
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    Drummer autographs

    Bill Ludwig II and III. Craigie Zildjian. Les deMerle, Daniel Glass.
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    Help with kit for 3 feet son

    If you can find another kid with one leg, you’re set for shoes. What? Oh. Never mind...
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    Neil Peart, Greatest Drummer Of All Time

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    ‘The Boy With a Drum’ – An Inspiration

    No one yelled at him? Obviously fiction.
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    Playing along to records

    A great jazz practice tool is the video list by mrsunnybass on YouTube. Lots of jazz tracks with just expert bass to lock in to. He uses a variety of tempi and provides lots of chorus to comp to. Includes jazz bossa, too. A sample: .
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    Ear protection- what do you use?

    Yes. They work well, but my ride cymbal sound oscillates...wawawawawa. Very distracting.
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    Any Update on Chicago Show?

    They just posted that masks will be required. Even though I’m fully vaccinated, that’s the final straw. The 8 hour drive, the lack of master classes or lessons, the fewer number of vendors, the money for hotel rooms and meals, the fact that I don’t really need anything just pushed me...
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    Russian Cover Band - Leonid & Friends

    My big band is playing a few of these Chicago numbers arranged for big band...not easy charts to play and sound tight!
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    Russian Cover Band - Leonid & Friends

    я бы, конечно, так сказать!
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    Can there be too much sustain?

    In a live, unmic’d situation, resonance/sustain helps the sound carry out to the audience. Think timpani in a symphony orchestra.
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    "Sound of Metal" drummer movie

    FWIF: both my audiologist and ENT have separately told me that dB reduction numbers are widely exaggerated as a selling point. Anything is better than nothing, though.
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    Any Update on Chicago Show?

    Nothing new on the Rebeats page. Is Illinois open? Any changes on your plans to attend? I’m fully vaccinated and a month out. Still trying to decide if I’ll go or not. I’ll have to make a decision soon.