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    But that one doesn't come with a beat up, overstuffed cowbell. :laughing3:
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    LSR on R?

    An LSR is always on the Right if your a Lefty! :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3:
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    Live From My Drum Room With Kenny Aronoff!

    I've been following Kenny since I saw him at PASIC 93 or 94. Whenever there he has done a clinic within a 2-3 hours drive, I've always attended because I ALWAYS learn at least one thing new from him even after all this time. AND HE DID IT AGAIN! I've never heard about his "page 37" Alan...
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    :hello1: :thumbright: Plus whatever he throws out, in whatever permutation, he ALWAYS knows where that "1" is at. That just blows my mind.
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    In very good condition...for its age

    That saying goes for most of the people on this forum.
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    Does your taste in drums reflect your taste in cars?

    not really... Car I want, but can't carry any drums. :rolleyes: :wave:
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    Who here has skipped/forgone learning doubles on the kick drum?

    1. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH DOINg/WORKING SINGLES ON THE BD FOR A YEAR OR MORE. You are working on consistency and groove that others can play along with. That is the most important thing. 2. Try playing in socks instead of Bare feet. The bare foot will stick to the pedal. Socks will let...
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    OT: That went south fast!

    ooops. Sorry about that. :bunny:
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    Varying weights of Vic Firth Sticks

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    OT: That went south fast!

    The pellets weren't from me. :bunny:
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    O.T. USPS - Update on their service

    I don't think I could even guess how many checks I mail out a month to the suppliers for where I work. It seems like at least once a month I have to deal with a missing check that was mailed out and never made it. I haven't had the funniest problem for a while (knock on wood): One of the...
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    Manu Katche

    agreed. He's even more fun live
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    Largest big box retailer in the U.S.

    When Sweetwater is only 15 minutes from my place, not only am I buying/supporting local, but I'm also buying from the big box. btw The "big box" of Sweetwater just got bigger - their new warehouse is ENORMOUS!!!
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    Help tuning a 20" bass drum, would like to reduce "basketball tone" and get the lowest fundamental pitch.

    :scratch: I've only heard of the basketball tone problem when there is a solid (no hole) front head. I run a 20" Masters Custom (4ply maple with re-rings) with solid heads front and back and no junk inside. Smooth White P3 (= EQ3) front and Clear P3 batter. I have Evans heads on everything...