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    Yamaha makes some nice inexpensive ones: :laughing6: Sorry, couldn't resist. :laughing6:
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    Steve Gadd rehearsing

    Thanks for the idea! :thumbright: I just did that. The FIRST thing I noticed was what I thought was an overhead mic shadow on the ride - WAS NOT! It's another one of those mysterious ink splotches. It moved WITH the cymbal when he hit it in the first few seconds instead of across the cymbal...
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    Steve Gadd rehearsing

    :scratch: Anyone have any idea what he has on that left Crash cymbal? At first I thought it was a broken cymbal. Then I thought maybe a shadow from the overhead like on the ride. But watch when he crashes it. There is something ON the cymbal. Almost looks like a big marker stain. :dontknow:
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    Hi there - new member

    WELCOME TO THE FORUM! :hello2:
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    Porcaro tracks

    Sappy song, but OH THAT ONE FILL!
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    Wilcoxon Swing Solos help

    Looks like Charlie is still schooling all of us on how to play. :salute: :thumbright:
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    Wilcoxon Swing Solos help

    This is what the notation implies with the missing 7
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    Wilcoxon Swing Solos help

    Actually the second roll should be a 5 stroke roll. It is in the notation duration of a 5 stroke roll. If it was to be a 7 stroke roll in that time frame, it should have a 7 above it like the first roll. * EDIT * I just noticed the typo on the example. The NOTATION shows a 5 stroke roll, BUT...
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    Wilcoxon Swing Solos help

    It's a 7 stroke roll. Note the 7 above the note. If the 7 was not there it would default to a 5 stroke roll.
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    Wilcoxon Swing Solos help

    It's a computer print font thing. The single 8th note defaults to having the roll lines at more of an angle than when they occur in the paired 8th notes.
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    How much weight?

    WHAT are you doing with an UNOPENED bottle?! :occasion5: Or is that for AFTER the gig? :laughing6:
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    Long, Long way from home gig

    If you are overnighting somewhere, make sure all your gear is properly insured in case some idiot breaks into your vehicle and steals anything. (I assume you don't plan to load after the gig, unload everything into your hotel room for the night and re-load again the next day.)
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    How do you think?

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    Is this bass drum technique "correct"?

    Everybody has a little different technique that works for them. Check out how much Jonathan turns his foot IN to play. To me this would be really awkward and I wouldn't be able to play very long. But who wants to tell JM he's doing it wrong? He's had more success and played with more big names...
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    Black Friday drum sales 2021

    Sweetwater has been running a lot of "black Friday " deals for a couple weeks. Check out their website for all the deals. I had to replace a cymbal stand that broke and I couldn't believe the prices. I plan to go back and grab a couple more.