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    Eddie Money

    I got that from his interviews. In one he actually mentioned that most of the people that you see are in the business for as long as he’s been is really nice. The business is small and you don’t want to burn any bridges.
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    A 45 year old pic of me playing in Ft Lauderdale

    This is me playing with Cinderella back in the club days at NJ’s own The Galaxy around 1980. I think I was about 10 then. You can see by my style not matching Tom's is why I got fired. ;)
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    What should I be looking for buying a gong?

    A roadie
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    Drumming is Becoming Boring to Me

    In my case much of this crossroad comes down to a couple of things: 1. I have a certain amount of expectations be it the goals & standards on the business side and the direction, my role, and the quality of the music. I only play original music, so I need to feel I’m getting something from it...
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    Which kit(s)/drum(s) do you totally regret selling?

    My first ever GMS kit, that bass drum is amazing, but fortunately I just got it back.
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    "Beater Kits".... do you really need one?

    I never understood why would you want to sound worse than you do at home or practice space than you do when you are supposedly showing off your talent by playing out.
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    Traditional grip

    In my case it is easier to play quieter.
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    Traditional grip

    If you want to do anything, I say learn how to play openhanded. I did some when I was younger and used to just bash away. I wish I stuck with it. It makes the most logical sense to me.
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    She had a tattoo and I took a pic...

    It always trips me out when people mention Brad. My wife is from the same small town as Brad and she went to school with him from kindergarten through high school. His mom taught her 3rd grade class.
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    Playing "Don't Stop Believing" tonight for the FIRST time! Is it okay to just fudge it?

    I was at a wedding and it made me cringe because it was fudged throughout the performance playing only a straight beat. Even the band felt like they had to announce it was a guy who is usually their guitarist filling in on drums. If it was my cousin and not my cousin-in-law’s wedding, I would...
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    Playing "Don't Stop Believing" tonight for the FIRST time! Is it okay to just fudge it?

    He plays only one time through each build, but it’s there.
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    Need Help memorializing my dad

    I can’t recommend DrumArt enough to do this for you. It’ll probably be a more reasonably priced option.
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    Good company Charmicheal throne

    I spent under $200 for a Soundseat. Easily, the best throne I’ve ever sat in.
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    Just got my first 22" Trans Stamp!

    What type of scale are you using to measure these cymbals?
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    Drum Lesson rates in Los Angeles!

    I don’t teach drum lessons, but in North Jersey I charge $30 for 39 minutes for a 2 student/1 teacher ratio class. I find parents don’t balk and I make them pay for a quarter whether they show or not with one makeup. I also have the overhead of a pool. Take that as you will